First he teases us for 5 days with a clue thread, and now he has a post on Facebook, which to me, is a big tease!

‘Holy cow, if you could see my search history, you would be some happy campers.’

What do you mean! Please spill a little bit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is all.

“reprogram Tesla model s controls”

“YouTube A/C talcum powder prank”

“office hours Brian Eckberg”


Eh, can’t say anything Tesla would make me happy though :confused:

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So, Brian has a Tesla that Johni is gonna prank with Talcum powder? And it will end up on YouTube? Gold!

“Two stigs, one clutch”

“24 hours of Country Squire”

“Forza Watersport: The Lost Chapter”

“Posts by Ace Ventura PI”


“Bring back the Pantera and the Falcon XB”

Johniwanna: “Wow that’s a good idea!”


Interesting. When I search those terms, Google immediately redirects me to the car wish list thread. Of course, I kid.

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The king of sarcasm kid,yeah right!

Get off my back, you old grump. I’m nowhere near your lawn.

Old,age is relative,grump,hardly,since this is a public forum,the lawn is all ours!

Maybe the car wishlist thread is in his search history lol


Probably not. But, I am certain it’s in the designers’ Magic 8-Ball history - if such a thing exists. Ha!

I was gonna say, I wonder how long it’ll take till this turns into a wishlist, but I think that already got answered. :confused:

My wishlist:

I wish I had an answer for you.
I wish cheese came in a gas form.
I wish I had more wishes for this list.


“Kombi van with shower”

“how to cook camel”


Haha, this is great. Now we just need John to chime in and tell us, lol.

having a classic beetle is prob something like

“how to fit the oil filter with out loosing a knuckle on a classic vw beetle”

“if i put a subaru engine in my classic bug will it drift”

then something like.

“will people ever stop asking for the nurburgring”


Hahaha, best one so far!

Maybe he did with his next post at evergreen speedway.

Nah. I don’t think it’ll be that easy nor do I think the announcement will come via John’s Facebook page.