Somethings that can be done to future horizon games

So I got this game about a week ago and I’ve loved it. My first racing game was NFS Carbon on the PSP and this brought back the joy I got from playing that game. However nothing is perfect and everything has flaws. So I’m gonna list out some complaints and some compliments about the game hoping to create an overall better experience in future horizon games. idk if this is where i post to get noticed by game developers but o well


1. Auction House Price Cap
So there’s a limit on how much you can sell your car for and I’m guessing this is a strategy to prevent players from trading money with one another but honestly getting CR is so easy and this should be ignored. I want to get rid of the price limit because some vehicles are really rare but you can’t really sell them for how much they are worth. For example the FE Adventador. The price is capped at about 650k and the car can easily sell for more due to its low quantity. I got one and yes I want to resell for profit however I can’t even break even due to the price cap.

2. Skill Points
Now I like the idea of each car having its own skill tree but the problem arises when people get rewards one time rewards from the skill tree and try to resell on the AH. To combat this just simply make a cars skill tree visible on the AH. An alternative way to solve this could be to make skill trees for cars based on the player instead of the car. So right now each car has its own independent tree and one player can get duplicates of cars to get more skill trees. The solution is to make skill trees of cars saved to the player. For example, if I have a Bugatti Chiron and I max out its skill tree and I go buy another from the AH or shop then its tree is also maxed out. (Sorry if I repeated myself a few times. Just want to make sure my thoughts are understood.)

3. Wall Riding
So sometimes wall riding actually is a better choice than slowing down to make a turn and it kinda sucks for players that are trying to play the game properly. This is a hard thing to balance because a lot of time in ranked races players will use others as bumpers and cause them to wall ride. So I would say make walls slow a player down a little more than they currently do but not too much. Or make the amount a wall slows a player down increase exponentially depending on how long the player is in contact with the wall.

4. Cosmetic Customizations
This game is centered around cars and the lack of customizations makes the game somewhat dull. It’s great that we can tune our car and have an array of upgrades to choose from but when it comes to cosmetics there isn’t much on the table. I want to see multiple options for brake colors, hoods, mufflers, more spoilers, license plate designs, and headlight colors. Some might be little but detail goes a long way when you’re making a car truly yours. What would be insane is if players were able to add a tow hook to the back of their car and have a little stuffed animal hanging off of it. If I heard that was in a racing game I’d buy it without thinking twice but that’s just me.

5. Your Player
So I like the idea of having your own character and being able to customize what he or she wears but I feel likes its too much for something that is not the focal point of the game. All the emotes, clothes, and accessories are pretty pointless. It also makes me want to break my controller when I get duplicates. I understand they have to add something to the spins so players aren’t decked out after playing the game for 2 days but being able to get duplicates absolutely blows. And the characters look like they came from a Sim game that came out 10 years ago.

6. More cars
One car I’m particularly sad that isn’t in the game is… the z32 300zx yep one look at my name and some that even know the car would have probably guessed it. Some manufacturers aren’t giving you guys the license to use their vehicle in this game COUGH TOYOTA COUGH and have some stupid reason for it but whatever. All the mainstream cars are expected to be in the game and honestly there is a lot of weird funky cars that are in the game and it adds some diversity. Maybe add a few more of the everyday cars that aren’t very rare idk like the Silverado or Maxima. Tbh I only want a z32 in the game and I know FH2 had it so I’m not sure why it was removed. Most players use mainstream cars anyway so this point can be ignored.


1. ez money
Thanks for making it relatively easy to get CR. Not much more to say about that.

2. Community designs
Allowing people to make designs to share with others is very cool. So a person can go find a design that suites them and maybe stand out of the crowd.

3. Halo Campaign Race
That was such a nicely done lowkey advertisement. big thumbs up

4. Drag Strip
Letting players line up on the drag without having to load into a separate lobby or race is sweet. And the lights change automatically so you just pull up and have a blast. I’d like to see more small things like this that bring players together in the game because other than the drag strip and forza live events I don’t see players interacting often.