Something strange is happening to my fps regarding whether or not the task bar is visible or not

Hi guys.

So far this is looking very good. I have a very odd thing happening with my fps though and it revolves around showing the task bar and hiding it. I have a 1440p 144hz freesync screen, obviously there is no option to run this game in true full screen mode, so when I move my mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen so the task bar appears I get a lovely smooth racing experience, feels like a solid 60fps. But if I move my mouse pointer away from the bottom of the screen so the task bar disappears, it feels like my fps tanks to somewhere around 30fps, all of a sudden the motion seems horrible, as you would expect at 30fps.

Why on earth would displaying the task bar on the screen alone be the difference between 60fps and 30fps or lower. Its so weird, I’ve been PC gaming for years and years, have never experience this at all. And why on earth can’t we go true full screen???

Game does support fullscreen.

To clarify, he means there is no exclusive full screen mode.
What you’re seeing as full screen when you play is actually just a border-less window that looks full screen.

Exact same thing here with my 144hz Free-sync monitor.
The only way I can play smooth without the taskbar showing is to set my monitor to 60hz before starting the game.

Hmmmm an issue with 144hz monitors then when running in fullscreen at that refresh. I really dont want to drop my screen hz to 60 from 144. I’ll just play with the little task bar showing at the top of the screen. I really hope they add some options to support Freesync, disable vsync etc etc

I was facing this exact same issue but I don’t have a 144Hz display.

I have my PC hooked up to two displays - A 1440p Monitor in my bedroom and A 1080p in the living room. All casual gaming happens on the TV (Forza too).

What I noticed is that if I’m mirroring or extending displays across the two, my framerate is absolute trash unless the task bar is visible. The moment I make the TV or Monitor exclusive (Windows + P) this becomes a non-issue.