Something odd with the R32 GT-R

I’ve done some looking into the GT-R R32 ‘V-specII’ we currently have and somethings stand out

  1. it doesn’t have BBS rims which was mostly standard on the V-spec versions.
  2. the front bumper is mostly non-standard v-specI or II
  3. same with the rear wing see above.

my guess for the GT-R we have in the game is most likely the rarer Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo

but I could be wrong just those little things stand-out the most to my eye

A possible explanation is that with older cars they may not be able to get hold of a factory spec version to model.

It’s not a V-spec II, as that model didn’t come out until '94. The R32 we get is a 1993 model, hence V-spec.

The car in the game seems to be a V-spec with Nismo kit & rims for some reason

I also hate when you put on some of the body kit changes to it. The front bumper goes very low, and the side skirts don’t do much at all. It looks like the car is sitting too high even with a lowered suspension. It looked MUCH better in Forza 4.

nah not really…

Nissan_Skyline_R32_GT-R_001 by David Bye, on Flickr


that’s a Standard GT-R, not a V-sepc like we have in game. a V-spec has BBS’s this is an V-spec

In Japan Nismo parts and v-spec parts were available as dealer options. They had the standard rims amd aero kit as well as Nismo and v-spec aero kit ypi can. But we have the basic GT-R. It also always jad a lower front skirt than the sides unless you bought non factory side skirts.
My only issue is the lack of bodykits for the Hako and the 71 GT-Rs and the wheel stance being way too narrow. Same issue with the Fairlady 432as well.

mmmm Nismo R32 I captured at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.