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Hello all painters and livery creators. Maybe someone can explain this to me:

Is this by any chance a cheat or something? How is it possible that all these clone designs get so many views and enjoy such popularity?

I’ve been monitoring some of these designs and it’s impressive how quickly they gain likes and downloads compared to others. I think it’s a cheat, but I don’t really understand how it works.

All I know is that I feel terribly fooled. Am I the only one here?

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I suspect they were granted early access (a week or so ahead of the official release of FH5 Premium Edition) and were the first to post liveries for those cars. There are a lot of single paint wonders with hundreds of thousands of downloads out there. Some are even bragging on these forums of their download totals. Don’t blame the painter, inequity is baked into the formula. Look at the livery contest. You had a judge the first week having a winning entry. Then in week two, winners were selected without even having to submit an entry. Go figure. The developers appear to be picking winners and losers; fairness be damned. It’s their game, they can do as they wish. Nothing to see here.

This forum was not the only platform on which people could submit entries.
This thread is nothing to do with your views on the competition/judges. You’ve just chosen another place where you could vent your jealousy.

Re : OP

Long ago in FH4 I contacted the guy that put up the first photo-like images that I ever saw (Kate Upton, GTA, the obligatory anime stuff etc.) He goes by Seaman.
I asked if he shares his liveries because despite seeing them on YouTube I could not find his work in-game.
I was told that it was because he had his work stolen somehow and Forza wouldn’t/couldn’t help so he stopped sharing.

This suggests that there is some nasty, cheating, modding, stealing way of doing this. May these people rot in Hell.

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I perfectly understand what you are saying but in this case it is something different. As I said before, I am monitoring some of these designs and they only appeared a few days ago. The first one you see with the s13 appeared in the first position only a week ago when my design was at the top of the chart and soon after the other 2 with an identical livery gained a lot of downloads and popularity. The same is happening with the Trueno. Everyone makes the same design and everyone gets chosen by the selection system which should be random and they get tons of downloads (and we are talking about a very rare car nowadays). For me it is a bug or worse.

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I get it. I think you’re probably right. If not a glitch or cheating could they possibly have figured out the optimal time to share a design/livery for maximum exposure? I notice some of my liveries take off and others just stall. I wonder if timing is a factor?

Correct it’s all about timing. The trending today boards are easily manipulated by folks with multiple accounts. Over the weekend, that 2019 Porsche everyone is using for the Seasonals, there was a guy with FIVE liveries in Trending Today. FIVE! I checked out his Creative Hub and he has over 300,000 downloads already total. Some folks are just greedy. That guy knew everyone is getting that Porsche right now as many of us do, but he definitely is exploiting the Trending Today by getting 5 designs stuck in. They give the hammer to folks for exploiting AFK races, money glitches, car glitches, but apparently they are ok with folks abusing these Trending Today boards…

All the more reason we need T10/PGG to bring back the Official Livery Contests so that at least there would be tons of good stuff first in the Featured area when searching for designs.

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Yeah, it is mind-boggling seeing as how some of those graphics are just a few colors thrown on the car and done where I spend so many hours replicating car liveries and will never have that many downloads and never have. I consider my car designs that get 500 DL an amazing feat haha, sad but true.

I get ticked off when I spend double digit hours on a livery, then see the ‘hey look, I painted a car orange’ ‘liveries’ with 50,000+ downloads lol.

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You and me, both.

Timing is a great factor, especially with exclusive seasonal objectives (speaking in terms of FH4 and FH3). My DHL Diablo GTR as well as (I think) Castrol Celica ST185 took off in FH4. IIRC they’re still the number one in the popular category. Meanwhile a majority of my other liveries have around 500 downloads. Both the Diablo and Celica liveries were shared right after the cars were added via update. It was then and only then I realized how timing greatly affects livery statistics, whether or not they’re retained over time and regardless of how accurate or “good” I (personally) think they may be. The livery market works the same as every other market: the one who’s first always wins, even if it’s just “good enough”. Sad case for painters like those I’ve quoted above and myself, spending hours upon hours perfecting replicas. But, I enjoy painting nonetheless. For what I lack in fulfillment from seeing my own designs’ popularity I make up for in, if nothing else, just myself knowing “this is it”. Bittersweet, but enjoyable nonetheless.

As for OP, they’re likely not all identical. Everyone has their own reasons for recreating a design. I, personally, began making Group B rally liveries because I couldn’t stand how just one or two painters got the “totip” logo right on the Delta S4. After that, I just kept on making my own versions. Pikes quattro, SWRT Impreza, REPSOL Cosworth, MoKart F50, TAISAN F40, etc. In FH4, I rarely came across liveries which I continued using for an extended amount of time. IIRC there’s about ten or fifteen of them (of the 450+ unique cars I owned).

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The cars in the Opening Post are copies of famous cars. They aren’t cloned they are all a bit different. Famous cars always do well in Forza Horizon games. As for competitions, they were judged fairly on this site.

I have the feeling that you have not understood the problem by giving answers that have nothing to do with it. Since when did the Mexican taxi become a popular car? Those 3 in the screenshots appeared on the same day and the first one scored over 30000 downloads in less than 24 hours (if you scroll down the S13 page you’ll find that there are many more just like it and all of them have achieved excellent results). The same thing is happening with the Trueno. It seems that doing that exact design is a guarantee of being chosen on the front page and having lots of downloads despite it being a very rare car.

If you don’t see anything strange in that then maybe you’re not evaluating carefully. Personally, I never mentioned contests or judges and I don’t think this is relevant to thread.

Of course a Taxi is a popular car. Police cars are also popular cars. A Mexican taxi in a Mexican game is going to be a popular car. But your original point was that they are cloned cars, you have changed the point by saying that one of them got 30000 downloads in one day. The Taxis all have different designs they are not cloned cars. The word TAXI is different on them all.

Now if your original point had been that one got 30000 downloads in one day I would have made a different reply. You can’t change the point, and blame me for not understanding the point.

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I used the term clone to say that they are almost identical. These designs all look like exact copies of each other at first glance. The real problem is that they’re all being showcased and they’re becoming so popular that I don’t think it makes sense. Something tells me there’s a trick to it.

Forget the cars design, you didn’t have to mention it. All you had to say was “Is there a trick to getting 30000 downloads in one day” Of course that is unusual. There are plain white cars that have even more downloads than these.

I know, and that’s not a good thing.

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At the launch of FH4, the whole design sharing/paint recommendation/painter leveling/design credit rewards system was completely broken and it took literally 6 months worth of community complaints, submissions of detailed explanations of what was broken, support tickets, etc. to get it fixed by the devs. Unfortunately, it appears that some similar things are also going on with the launch of FH5 with respect to all those same systems.

There are two distinct groups in the Trending Today matrix. The first dozen-or-so designs are new ones that were uploaded within the last 48 hours. The second dozen-or-so designs are all-time download/use/like leaders. Both groups have problems.

The all-time download leaders tend to be designs that were uploaded right after a car was released into the game. This is why so many of the top download designs look like low-effort works. They were quick-and-dirty liveries posted to get into the top downloads matrix as quickly as possible. Others are likely ready-made designs that were ported in from prior Forza titles. So, the problem here is that if you are late to the party, you may never achieve the top-downloads matrix regardless of the quality of your design.

The new uploads matrix has all new designs, but they are sorted in order of downloads/uses/likes. So if your design doesn’t get any downloads shortly after it was posted, it will roll off this matrix very quickly and probably never be seen by anyone. This matrix is easily manipulated by people with multiple accounts or collaborators, since they just need to generate some downloads after the design is published to secure a spot on the matrix.

Not sure what a good solution would look like. Maybe some weighted randomization of the designs in the matrix might help. Perhaps restricting the matrix to a single design from a particular individual might help curb livery spamming somewhat.

What you describe above is only part of the algorithm that makes up the liveries seen in the recommended designs section. There are actually 4 ‘buckets’ of designs that are rotated in and out there.

  1. Designs featured by T10/PGG.
  2. Designs from creators you follow.
  3. New designs
  4. Popular designs

In FH4, of the 20 recommended paints, you got shown 5 designs from each of those 4 buckets as long as there were 5 available to show. For example, if there were no designs featured by T10/PGG and maybe only 3 designs shared by creators you follow for the car you’re searching for, then you’d see more designs from the other 2 buckets to make up the total of 20. In just some brief research, it does appear that the algorithm being used in FH5 is the same as it was in FH4. I have seen paints recommended to me from all 4 of those buckets.

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Imho… the solution is already in place, the devs just need to move it to the main menu as the default main screen when someone hit the “Find New Designs” to find wrap design for their car that fits their liking… , but instead… all these time the devs put that as an “Advance Search” option, not as the wrap design main screen as we all have now…

Just put that “Advance Search” option as the Main Screen in the Design Menu; and make it impossible for the user or visitor to just click “search” button without categorizing or choosing what they looking for, otherwise the “uncategorized” as we have as the main screen now… will show up again, therefore when someone comes to find wraps for their car… they won’t see the same uncategorized one like we have now… because they have to choose what category… or put in some keyword; for example if the user typed in “White”; then Design Menu will shows all the designs with white color available…

And make the advance search as the main screen menu to be more specific, not just one category chosen like “white” for example, add some other categories to be fill before the user can finalized their search; like… they have to be with bodykits or widebody or some specific rims etc etc…, because in the end… these would prevent someone to exploit the formula with their multiple accounts…

This would also forces the wrap designer to put some more details in their design title and design descriptions, if the designer want to leave these blank… just make it compulsory to fill in, and therefore it’s impossible to upload and share it without filling in the title and descriptions…

If these were to be implemented, then I think it will not only fair for the visitors but to other designers with their hard work as well, and if they want to use the trick with multiple accounts to get more downloads and climbed the ladder to get the top 10 permanent spots; they have to repeat them as many as their multiple accounts…, if they have 1K other accounts… then they would have to repeat it 1K times… lol

Not only that… it would also be good for the game server workloads, because it would reduce the workloads instead of showing all the uncategorized like the one we have now…