Someone please help me

For a long while my forza 4 game I think is broken. Every time I play it it’s fine, I do the starting race and the choosing of your first car. But it all happens when I exit the game. Once I do this I usually play something else or just turn the Xbox off. When I then go to load forza, it says something along the lines of “this game save is corrupt, delete it and start a new one”. That is every time I try and play it.


This means your game save is corrupt, you must delete it and start a new one.

I’m just kidding lol. I’m not trying to be a jerk here. Basically what has happened is that at some point something went wrong saving the game and now some data somewhere has been corrupted. It happens, such is the nature of large racing game saves like this. I’ve had quite a few vinyl groups and designs corrupt on me.
You’ll want to go to Xbox dashboard, scroll all the way over to the System tab, select storage, pick the storage device (I’m assuming your hard drive) that you saved Forza to, now select Forza and scroll through to see if you can find any specific corrupted files (whatever files are corrupted must be deleted). I personally have not seen that exact error message before so it could be your main game save data has corrupted. I sure hope not, that would mean you’d have to delete it and start over from day 1 (but you’ll still have your tunes/vinyls/designs). More frequently it’s just a tune or vinyl or something that gets corrupted, of that’s the case just delete that particular file and your main game save might be fine.

When I started I used a cheapo USB thumb drive that I happened to have laying around. It was fine for awhile and let me install the disk 2 cars on it and still had room to spare. After 4 or 5 days of using it really hard the whole thing just disappeared. It completely killed the USB stick. It was unusable in the Xbox or the PC, dead.

If I were in your situation and using a USB I’d try a different one. If I was using an HD then I’d try saving a new profile to a USB. Doing this you can track down which piece of hardware is having the issue and then replacing it.
If I were using a USB instead of an HD I’d get a fast and fairly decent one. Theres lots of writing to disk and you do not want this to happen after you’ve leveled up and collected a few cars.