Someone is able to block my friends

I’ve had this problem for a while and lost a lot of good friends I am not sure how someone can get into you’re Xbox and block you’re friends change you’re settings,now here is my? I can remember I sold my Xbox one my elite after I upgraded to the S and I forgot somehow to wipe the hard drive to anyones knowledge can someone get into you’re account that way.

log into your account on and change your password, and if that console is still attached to your account , delete it

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Tally I’ve done just that and the email/gamer tag does not delete,unfortunately we have no clue witch MS tech support you will get the fake one or the legit,and the embassadors program is not very good now I would just write this off saying it’s bad luck but their are so many others who are not on this forum with the same issue,sorry for the bad Grammar