Someone help I’m clueless :(

Hey forza universe. I have recently had a problem, my friend and I (both XBOX) are trying to join an online session. I am not experienced in this because he got the game yesterday, I got it on the day of release. I have no idea how to use the online session stuff. Whenever he tries to invite me, I join his convoy and NOT his session. And whenever he tries to find a session, he gets a network diagnostic issue. He is on moderate NAT type and I’m on open, if that might help. How do you guys usually invite your friend to a convoy and session and does anyone know a solution to my problem? We need help :frowning:

I Dont have problems joining convoys but lately I have not been able to join or create any convoy races. Definitely a problem with the game

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Thanks, the farthest we have gone is my mate on “Fetching group game details” but it stays stuck there. Hope it works for ya, good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve had no issues with open OR moderate NAT, so I’d rule that out.

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Moderate NAT type can cause problems with online gaming on the XBOne in my experience. I don’t recall all the things to check/adjust to make it Open. I went through all of it ages ago, and if my NAT type changes from its usual Open to Moderate now I usually fix it by rebooting the XBOne or resetting the modem/router.

Yea his NAT type is not changing at all, we tried changing xbox port selection but it didn’t work. And his router is factory set to Moderate.

You can generally directly change a router’s settings by putting the proper ip address into a device’s browser that’s directly connected to it. You can typically find out the ip from the instruction booklet that came with the router, or by searching for the specific model online. The most effective way to ensure the router isn’t causing the NAT to be Moderate aside from being directly connected to the modem is to put the XBOne on the router’s DMZ list. You can also make sure the router assigns the XBOne a specific ip address every time and that certain ports are always open for that ip.

he will have to complete intro for full multiplayer
you both must have xbox live gold
usually checking nat type twice in Xbox network setting gets it to open for me.
enable upnp in router/ modem
check in game settings that my friends can join me is selected

Ok i dont seem to be offensive but that is a bad answer. It is his bad, he can’t join a session. I always enter a session. He has some wrong stuff. And he doesn’t budge to explain to me. Thanks…

list of all possible things that could be causing it would have explained how to fix NAT but with that attitude sort it out yourself


What attitude? I also mentioned I wasn’t being offensive. Be careful with words next time. I dont need your help. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D].

For approximately a month there has been multiplayer issues, still unresolved:
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