Someone has to have come across this issue. Spring is broken for me

Hey all! So I’ve a weird glitch that only happens in Spring in FH4… Load times for the 3 other seasons are never more than a few seconds, but once I hit a spring season things go totally haywire.

For example this brightness issue

The initial load after I hit continue is long enough for me to make a brew (black screen with spinny in the bottom right) and then every time I get into a race it takes another 2 minutes (black loading screen and music again). And once I am into the race, the cars all just sit there on the grid for another 60 seconds or so, at which time you cannot do anything other than look around with the analogue stick (not even access the menu), until it eventually says Go and the race begins.

But even then the graphics are messed up… It’s like the lighting model is set to 100% making everything hard to see (blindingly bright) I’ve searched this issue but not found anything about it yet, does anyone have any ideas? It’s making Spring a misery (I’m new to FH4 and wow, what a game!!! Except spring… gorram spring). I’m wondering maybe does my game just have some corrupt graphical files for spring season, which would explain the delay as it is trying to access them and then just skips them instead, in which case I can try re-downloading it… but maybe someone else knows the cause?