Someone give that man a medal

For thinking it was a good idea to put night races in the 70’s GP league track circulation.

Granted this is a bit of a troll, but it happened. I actually was laughing to myself while having a smoke before joining the lobby how funny it would be for a night time race with cars with no head lights. Then the first race that pops up is Spa at night. a few people left the lobby but i thought i would stick with it.

I have to say, it was quite fun flying down the first long stretch in total darkness to a point i couldn’t even see what I was driving. I unfortunately missed the apex at the chicane… a little… i think, and decided that 6 laps was a bit much.

One thing to take from it though is no one went in to the back of each other! Maybe this is what they’ve been racing towards!


this is so funny I thought the same when I saw the league, full racing line will be needed if they don’t sort is asap


I raced one there too!

What a mess. Started with full lobby,

Three of us decided to finish… But afterwards, I doubted my own sanity… Really was a waste of time… And why six laps??? While we tried to stick it out, those who dropped out to join other lobbies completed two (more reasonable length) races, and eclipse us in terms of league scoring…

To that end… Beside removing night races from rotation… It would be nice if all races are set with lap counts that use about the same amount of total time…

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I had one race on a different track, I don’t remember which one. I think 8-11 of us actually finished the race.

It was quite fun as two sections of the track were completely black and right after a turn so it was a leap of faith to get on the throttle and choose a light on the horizon to drive toward. I did however get rear ended on the last lap at the chicane but I couldn’t bring myself to get mad at them. :slight_smile:

I won’t be driving night courses again though, not in these cars.

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Its even worse on nurburgring! For literally 12 miles of the circuit you simply can not see a dam thing, not even your own car. This is a massive let down in the game

I would hope you’d have the sense to not race in the dark without headlights. The game not giving a choice is quite sad though…
Cue “Real men of genius” soundtrack…

This is the level of care that permeates this game. These leagues are supposed to be curated by Turn 10 right?


Triton (T10) has already addressed this. Believe it’s going to be fixed and he apologized for missing the fact that track lost had night time tracks. (See PJ’s league thread)

He after all specializes in Aston Martin GT1 car that has lights :wink: :slight_smile: