Some Tunings are just Not Meant for Me

Hello all

It’s been my experience that some of the tunes (including some of the most popular) aren’t delivering.
I have fiddled around with some tuning of my own and I can put times in the top 1% on any track pretty regularly.
601 FM5 races, I’ve broken top 1000 a handful of times & a couple top 200 times. Not fantastic but not noob…

I decided to try some tunes from experienced tuners… and the results are below expectations… at least my expectations…
~brakes over-pressured
~too much turn-in, causing oversteer on sweeps…
~geared down so I was getting passed even on the shortest of straights
~deceleration too low, not slowing the car down, in turn, with over-pressured brakes causing sliding in to turns
etc, etc…

I will keep downloading and supporting (liking) the tunes, but, just not as regularly as I had been over the last week or so…
Since my wife has a 2012 370Z, she likes to watch me race the 370 so I am working on a build/tune for that one…


ok have you thought of this …

  1. using the same driving assists as the tuner
    2)some of the tuners are using a steering wheel
  2. most of the top tuner share tunes that fit their driving style not yours
  3. you are blaming the tune for driver error (it happens alot)

these are some of the things i can think of so far , now with that list out of the way you know no matter how good of a tune you have it comes down to driver skill and practice . knowing every breaking point, knowing what gear to be in through each turn, knowing when to feather the gas/brake these are somethings people ignore when dowloading a tune

  1. brakes @ 110 or higher is normal.
  2. oversteer is better then understeer.
  3. were you on the right track for the car?
  4. define “too low”. some would say anything above 40 is too high.
  5. sounds like classic driver issue.

Not everyone is going to pick up a car and turn a magical lap. There are cars out there that some people can drive super quick, yet I cant drive it the same. Its not a car issue, its a driver issue.

oh… well then if its a driver issue… then… no sense in wasting time on someone else’s tuning, especially if they don’t take the extra 5 seconds to add what track it’s designed for and a few comments about the build/setup…
I guess my stats are way off then, 150+ hours test-driving and 80+hours racing (on FM5)
I should just spend more time racing, and racing my own tunings.

thanks, I guess

None of it was a dig at you.

Think of it this way.

If you cant push a car to its absolute limits how do you know what its really doing?

All you can do is tune for where you are at.

Your perspective is easily flipped around:

You might release a car thinking its “perfect”, and it is, for where you are at. But I, Worm, Loco, Reaper, whoever, might hop in your car and find it understeers through a section where I want to be on the throttle. I might find the gearing is too short on a particular section cause Im carrying more speed through the exit then you.

I can think of many times through out the games where I thought what I had was almost spot on only to have someone faster like dantastic tell me the car was doing something I wasnt seeing simply because Im not pushing it to its extremes like he is.

And this isnt a bash on you at all snide what the others are saying. Some of the fastest cars on LB i cant driver very well either. They just dont work for me for many of different reasons. It sounds like you know what your talking about with tuning so just take what those cars are doing and tune one to fit what YOU need to drive.

hmm it can be a driver issue but when driving another tuners car take notes on what it does when you drive it and try to correct thoes when you build one for yourself, me and dust can tell you form personal experience that if you done study the faster drivers lines through the tracks you can not blame their tunes when you are not pushing it like they do. its a pain to download a tune and it doesnt suit your driving style but it happens try searching for a certain track and class if possible some of us do put what track they are for when we share them :slight_smile:

no bashing intended snide, we all have had this issue in the past adn we have learned that its 95% time the driver no one is perfect (well maybe daveyskills lol)

Got it…

no harm, no foul

I’ll just try to set an example by putting as much detail in the description of my tunes (I think I have around 50 out there) and hope that others will follow suit.

I probably take the most umbrage with the tunes that claim a certain time on a track, so I go to that track and race a Rival (with a slower time) and still run slower than my own tunes…
I have every race time on every track for every car in every class that I have run cataloged in a spreadsheet, so I’m speaking from that perspective…

Gonna take more experience I suppose

Have a go on in my brz my friend it’s in b class don’t no if you race that low but I posted it yesterday and be honest tell me what you think and if you could improve it

Thank you WRZ. I just did 6 laps at Bernese Festival and improved my time with that car by 00:01.252. Again, top 1% but still a little under 9 seconds off the Mercedes 190 top time (not that I think I could come close to that)…

Some more time with it and maybe I can get another second shaved off. I’m gonna look up the leader board and watch the replay of the next fastest BRZ and see the driver differences to see if I may be the wrong gear in some of the turns…

thanks again…

Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichelo had the same Ferrari as Michael Schumacher in real life and could not deliver what Michael could do with the car. Same goes with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in the Red Bulls. Kimi and Grosean with the Lotus and Kimi did a lot better. So how can you just make a blanket statement that the tunes being offered are not delivering? I have tuned and offered a lot of cars and people have driven them to faster times than I can put down. I just do not see how this thread can be going anywhere positive.

"Some Tunings = blanket statement???

Thanks for your contribution…


There are a lot of people chiming in and trying to help you. Your sarcasm will get you nowhere. To prove the point you can put up a couple of times that you have run in your favorite tune, post the tune in here and I can guarantee you that there will be guys that blow your time away…with your own tune. 99% of the tunes on the share front are the exact same tunes that the times have been run with. The other 1% were probably first builds/tunes and then improved upon.

You have posted a topic on the forums and then done nothing but argue with or have a sarcastic response to those that have tried to explain to you what the issue is. You are slower than you think you are, get over yourself and learn to improve. It will only make the game more enjoyable.

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  1. High brake pressures seem to stop you faster in fm5 ( i often use 160% +) … Don’t press so hard on the brake .
  2. With a little controlable oversteer , you can find the line for a turn and carry alot of speed through . Too much understeer and you’ll likely have to slow down too much to make the turn .
  3. As Dust said … must be using it on the wrong track .
  4. Definately a driver issue . Me personally , I slow the car down plenty early enough then throw the car into the turn , carrying momentum for a fast exit.

You may have spent many many hours playing forza , but If those hours have been spent doing the exact same things then you will never improve. Spend time watching the replays and following ghosts of the guys you downloaded the tune from . Try to do what they do , when they do it . Who knows , eventually you may be able to do it better ?

| 1ee | - thanks for the tips…

Believe me, I enjoy the game very much and having a job prevents me from spending more time on it.
If any of my responses have been perceived as sarcastic… well… I would say take a closer look at some of the other replies as well.
I’m logging on now and will try to get around to posting the actual tunes I have had issues with and perhaps let others give them a try so the debate can be based on facts from both sides of the coin. Fair enough?

I’m over myself, have been from the initial post [reference => “not fantastic, but not noob”…]

I have gone back and re-read the entire thread and … er, … the only posts that have dialogue directly attacking others are not coming from me… I can only assuage that the topic has hit close to home for some and perhaps for that, I apologize…

I do have a clearer picture now as to who’s tunings I will avoid in the future, if I do decide to ever use anyone’s else’s… besides trying MR WRX 555 from above…

Good Day sir

I believe I said "argue with or have a sarcastic response’’, re-read the entire thread again and–er–realize, again, we are trying to help you understand…and you are arguing with those attempting to help. I couldn’t care less if you like, dislike or even try my tunes. I would be happier if I could help you in some way improve the experience you are having with the game. That was my point. I wasn’t bashing. Good day to you as well.

As TN Eagle just stated above.

I post top 1% times myself, but you consider if 500,000 people run the track top 1% is 1 to 5,000. I know there are faster people than me on these forums and I have see some of the guys run some of my tune in the top 100 or better. Sometimes it makes me upset to see them do better than me, but I go back and watch replays to see where I can improve myself, and then there are others that no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the same car with the same tune do what they do. Sometimes it is assists, other times it the wheel vs. controller.

So bottom line is no one is trying to argue or bash you. we are all trying to help. We all enjoy racing and the FM series of games.

I’d look forward to trying one of your tunes Snide and seeing how good it is and give you something to compare to.

you mean one of the tunes I downloaded, right?

Sure…you haven’t named anyone in particular which is good, cause I don’t think you are ready for the pitchforks to come out yet. So, send me a PM and link me to an advertised tune and I will run it and compare to your time. Just understand that I have most probably run that tune already as I am a big supporter of the Tuners Lounge. Odds are I will outrun your expectations as well but I am doing this in an effort to show you the difference between your skill and someone else’s outside of “the gearing”.

So let me know when you have one picked out…just make sure to check the thread first because most of the tunes on the 1st page I have put in the top 10 or 20 in the last few days.