Some story accolades not working

I’ve completed all of the stories but there are some optional accolades that won’t work, I’ve tried replaying these missions a bunch of times each, watched videos about them and looked on forums and I can’t get them to work.

All of the ‘discover and photograph’ accolades in El Camino don’t work despite multiple attempts (The Canyon Statue, Hidden by Shadows, The Mulege Watcher, Statues Beneath Blue Water, The Third Statue of Tlaloc and Proof Positive), also two shortcut accolades for Lucha de Carreteras (You Must Train pt.3 and Return of the Monster Ghost) don’t pop either despite taking every known shortcut.

I’m playing on Xbox One X, not sure if it’s just me that can’t unlock these or if others have problems too. If you have any of these unlocked, tips would be great, thanks!

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Some of the Accolades are bugged and in the known issues list such as Return of the Monster Ghost and the 3rd Statue one. The others should be unlocking…however, accolades are hit and miss currently so one day they may not work and another they might.

The photograph ones: Are you driving all the way to the waypoint at the end and actually photographing the object in question…rather than just opening the photo mode as soon as you enter the purple circle?

The photos all worked for me, and I could be quite far from the centre of the circle.

I having issues with the ones that you have to run between places, they are in the Festival Accolades. Yesterday I unlocked several, today they just appear again but shows as locked, like I didn’t do them.

I have figured the solution! For the El Camino Accolades at least. The “Discover and photograph” accolades require you to actually drive up to the statues and trigger the dialogue for finding it which then confirms that you have “discovered” the statue and then you can proceed to photograph it.

I have discovered, confirmed with the dialogue and photographed the statue in the canyons of the El Camino story, still didn’t get it after 3 tries, please we need a fix