Some reward score categories not updating


I don’t know if this is because it’s early release, but in my Forza Rewards for Forza Horizon 4, not all of the score categories are updating. Notably Car Masteries, Gamerscore, Driver Level and Ultimate Passes are all stuck at zero. Other categories are already accruing points though, so it seems odd.

Apologies if this has already been asked, I did have a look, but couldn’t see it.


edit Slight change, Gamerscore has now updated, but the other three are still stuck at zero.


For me, too, except Gamerscore

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Same here except car masteries ( maybe they unlock after all of a cars masteries are ‘bought’ , i know i only have one car completed)

I think it means that we need all skills at a car. But there’s no reason for the other two things (driver level and ultimate passes) :confused:

That Masteries one is a bit vague, but either way I should either have a score of 1 (for one car with all masteries bought) or should have the full 50 (if it’s individual masteries).

Driver level did start updating, but has stuck at 48 and I’m actually level 90.
Cars bought seems to have joined the ‘stuck’ list and isn’t going over 85.
Houses bought is stuck at 9.

I wouldn’t mind, but depending on just what the score for Masteries should be, it’d potentially put me up an overall Rewards level.

car masteries you need to complete all skills for each car

since there’s about 50 threads on this topic now about rewards not updating

it takes about 48 hours on some things to update and maybe a week on others
just need to learn some patience

same issue, nothing is updating and I am not getting daily rewards. been over a week.

For me, everything update straight away initially since early realease except driver level and ultimate passes. Just before the commoners got the game, my driver level updated as well, so only the ultimate pass is left with nada.

Also, since the commoners day release, my days played has budged off of 4 days, but my game score goes up, and my second completed car perk tree has registered as well.

You want daily rewards, invest in the car rental business.

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I had bought it, and completed it, but still nothing.

Will it be fixed or something ? I got same issue. Only my gamerscore points are updated. I got all roads unlocked and over 170 cars but everywhere is 0 points. I got game for ~4 weeks.

I’m seeing similar issues. The big one being my days played has not updated since Nov 22 even though I use it everyday. I put in a ticket for a while ago but still no update.

It’s the same for me that the points for car masteries story and logins not updating. This is a bit annoying because iam just 85 points from tier 13.

Rewards are broken in Horizon 4.

I purchased every property in the game about 2 weeks ago. My properties on Forza rewards has been stuck at 6 ever since. I believe I had 4 properties before the spending spree

Days played and car masteries have been stuck for like 2 months. Maybe in a year they will finally fix some of the many problems in fh4.

I have well over 20 car masteries but Forza Rewards still says I have only 8, or 64/400 points. It’s been stuck there since November, possibly earlier.

I’ve been having the same problem for probably the same amount of time and have been playing multiple times a week since it stopped updating.

Car masteries hasn’t been updating for me too

Same for me I haven’t seen any score update in several months.