Some Questions


i have some Questions.
Im done the Campaign (only one Endurance race from elite left).
I Play now Free game Mode, but i run in a Problem. Every Race and every Round get a “!” Marker but i have no Collisions and dont leave the Track or use Rewind. I thought first ist Maybe for the Reason that i fully Upgrade my Cars but that happens even with Cars i Tune not over the Class Restrictions. Ah and i dont use that Driving aid that gives Extra Grip.

Is there a Option that allows me Create my own Championship?

Im the only one that get a lot Teredo Problems?



You get that mark automatically if you are using friction assist
I think you might also get it using super easy assists as well

You cant create your own championships either…although that would be nice

You also get a dirty triangle when you take aspiration from the car in front of you. And if the car just behind you take your aspiration you’ll also get a dirty triangle. If you want clean laptimes during career or private races you must set more laps to have longer races. Its then easier to be first and escape a bit from opponents to get clean laps without decreasing drivatars difficulty.

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Maybe that thx.

I dont use FrictionAssist that would be a lot booring but yes i use ABS,TC, TBS and Racing line (only Brakes). But i use the same Settings for Rival Hunts without any Problems “!” Markers. Thats the Reason im Confused. Maybe i was realy to nearby other Racers and get some Aspiration.

I forgot to mention that in Rivals series against ghosts even in those where you have to overtake slower cars, I don’t know how it is called in english (I’m french), you dont have any aspiration penalty. That’s why I mentionned carrer and private races. But give it a try you’ll enjoy clean laps for sure.

Yeah the game is pretty sensitive about drafting. Even if you are driving too slow to actually gain any benefit it will still mark your lap as dirty. Best to just take 1st place and get a sizeable lead then you can start putting down clean laps. :grin:

Or in free play set collisions to always off, hot lap away, while still earning credits for racing

Ok sounds all good.
Maybe that explains why i get the “!” Marker instant after i pass the Line for the next round?

If you get a dirty “!” indicator in the last section of the track, it will also dirty “!” your next lap as well, so be mindful of that.

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Ok that explains it. Set Kollisions to off Fix the Problem for me. Thx for the help to all.