Some questions regarding tuning/upgrading

Hey all.

I am new to the Forza games (bought Horizon 4 a few weeks ago) but not new to racing games in general, although I have not been good at tuning/understanding mechanical things. So I have some questions for you experienced and knowledgeable ones.

  1. If a car is hard/slow to steer, what can you do tuning and upgrade wise to mitigate that? Sometimes I find that I should be able to take some long turns in high speeds without braking but some cars will not turn enough for me to do so. I realize some cars will be heavy to steer because it’s one of their characteristics.

  2. If a car is revving way to fast, as in you’re in gear 4 in like 3 seconds what can you do to change that? Remove some upgrades that does this and/or change the gear ratio?

  3. If a car is spinning its tires all the way from gear 1 to gear 2/3, how to reduce that? Just increase its launch stat or put on different tires?

  4. When drifiting, stock tires is preferable since it has less grip, right?

  5. What is the big difference between the different suspensions in this game? How will it affect the cars?

That’s it for now.

Tire compound and weight reduction are the first things I upgrade for better handling.

What you do with the gears is entirely up to you.

Ditto the above with tires. Stickier tires can make a car easier to tune, as the weight transfer is exaggerated. A tune that works well on a sticky tire might be too stiff for softer tires, though otherwise in the right balance of front to rear in terms of springs, dampers etc.

I assume, street and sport suspensions are stiffer, lower presets for alignment, springs, and dampers. Race and drift suspension are fully tuneable, with more aggressive preset values than street or sport.