Some questions about FM7 (PC) a game:


I like to ask some questions about Forza Motorsport 7 PC -version.

-Can you create multiple driver profiles, like old version & xbox version can?
-Do you can play in offline mode?
-Can you Train AI drivers & put them into race to driver without player? (I like this feature a lot in Forza Motorsport 1 in xbox)
-Do you can rename AI drivers/bots?
-Do game allow to player modding pc version of the a game?

Hopefully the game will not include micro-payment or in game online-eshop stuff.

If I had to guess on some of these, and really don’t quote me on this because I’m not the be all end all authority…

  1. I’d say no because your Xbox Live profile is the basis of your game save. Your friends and family will have their own saves based on their profiles most likely.
  2. Of course. Every Forza game has this.
  3. Possibly. From FM4 right?
  4. No but it would be really cool. They use drivatars now which are like a AI version of players’ Xbox Live names and profiles. Really doesn’t do much for race immersion.
  5. Highly doubt it.
  6. The game has DLC that can buy in game but I don’t know about the token system if it’s returning. That’s still optional and at least they don’t put token purchases on the list of Forza rewards anymore. I’ve lost alot of potential points because of it as I don’t buy tokens and those points make up a good proportion of points I don’t have in games like Horizon 1.


  1. Sad think to hear, i like to buy this game on Xbox 360 if console version but, not seem see thease version avaible.
  2. Fine
  3. Im not own or never play FM4 but, i FM1, where you can train AI to drive & you can hire AI driver to drive your race with you play that a race.
  4. In AI train mode in race pratice mode you can drive your AI against, they or these drivers may have a name, the name you gave when you created this driver.
  5. I like ok, if you buy a dlc package for example in advance in the Ultimate version but, then later on, adding chargeable content is not such a good thing.

I’ll add a question here, seeing as it looks like a good place. No-one seems to be able to give a straight answer, and the silence really needs to end.

My monitor is screen #1, my TV is screen #2 (extended display, NOT a duplicate). Can I play on my TV (screen #2)? This will be the thing that decides whether I upgrade my OS to W10, or just buy a new console!

IIRC, UWA games are borderless windowed.
You can just drag that window to your TV screen.

Probably worth buying a digital copy for standard XBox One on release and go from there. I just want to finally stick something through my PC at 4k. I’m a simple creature really!

Unless your TV is 4K, cant DSR in borderless window. Must be Exclusive Full Screen.
In which case, move to second monitor as borderless, then change to Ex. Full Screen.

My TV will be 4k…I just haven’t bought it yet. They’re getting cheaper constantly, so I’m hanging on as long as possible. My monitor will remain 1920x1200.

should be a non issue :slight_smile:

You can’t do this in Forza 5 or 6, so assume no.

The actual ability to train your own drivatar was only present in Forza 1. The ability to run career races with your drivatar ended at Forza 4.