Some of my shots

First off let me say, one of my favorite features to this game has always been the photo mode. But as someone who loves to attend many auto events and never goes anywhere with out his camera, that’s to be expected.

22b by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

B-class grip car. Has reached pretty high on Top Gear B class time attack.

driver by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

Driving the Lotus E21 F1 car. This was sitting on the start line of Spa.

larsens by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

TopGear E36 M3 tribute livery. (the actual car it comes from is the 4 door e46.)

celica by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

Flying Celica.

tandem by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

Tandem drift with a friend from work. I in the Supra with coworker in the FD.

sign by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

Always laughed when I seen this sign

RUF by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

The RUF version

f100 by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

B class drift truck that was stalking the leaders on “Drift Ring” monthly rivals

chase by ©DESYphotowerks, on Flickr

Scion tC chase scene

Love that shot of the truck! Good work.