some issues playing - I play on Xbox one

Quick list first so a mod can move thread if needed

  • story events not syncing in coop
  • convoy members not ghosting in forza live events if a car swap is done
  • all players in the forza live circle disappearing when the event countdown hits “Go!”

The first one seems to have just started, my friend and I did 4 or 5 parts of the new racing green story mode but now when we try 1 of us immediately loads into the cutscene while the other has an extremely long load time, usually at least a minute by which time the first person gets dropped into a load screen than back out into the regular game in thier normal car. The second person is stuck waiting for the load screen to end then they do the cutscene which stays for at least a minute before they too end up back out in thier normal car. This also happens at fastest rentals AND the stunt thing. We havent tried laracer yet.

Second one is a new issue. When doing forza lives more often than not my friend and I will change cars between rounds to get the best out of it. If one of us changes a car during a drift zone round then the forza live ghosting turns off, and we can collide during the drift zone. All other non convoy members ghost as expected

Third one is not especially new but Its not something super common and it cannot be readily repeated (by my at least). Go to a forza live event before it starts, watch as several other people turn up. Then watch when the announcer calls “Go!” all the other drivers instantly vanish leaving just me, or in tonights case just my friend and me, to do the tasks

Also experience players disappearing at the start of a Forzathon, Xbox one also.