Some improvements?

Okay folks, it is my first time to post my ideas here. So, I’ve been playing FM7 and FH4 for a long time. Lastly I heard the producers not gonna held a new title for the series. They have been focusing on current games instead of making new ones. It is okay. Several updates came up, folks behind the titles improving FM7 and FH4 but hell suddenly I realize that all those updates are nothing! Literally nothing at all!

Okay, I’m not expecting big changes for FH4 because it is totally arcade and fun racing game but FM7?.. I didn’t dug out the whole forums about what I’m gonna suggest here. Maybe devs working on it maybe not but I will write it anyway.

  • It is really good to putting race rules on online mode. How about putting these rules on single player as well?
  • Functioning headlights and headlight flashers. I don’t want to race while my headlights on during bright day race.
  • Racing series regulations. You don’t have to buy some specific racing licenses but you can do pre-regulations without troubling licenses. So we can create our single player races easily. I’m not gonna advertise another racing games here but one of the other serious sim racing title doing it very accurate.
  • Career mode is… dull. No soul, no deep impact. This game’s only purpose is earning credits, buying expensive cars that’s all. If I create single player races for like 4h long and if I do that every day within a week I can make millions easily. (I have got VIP account)
  • Pit stops. Guys cmon… It is so silly… Give us proper pit stops with proper animations.
  • Racing engineer and spotter. Communication with them during the race.
  • Proper racing team management.
  • I’m playing this game on Sim Damage and Tyre Wear but it is not sim at all.
  • Advanced Settings on Free Play is complete mess. It is not glitched but it is lack of options for proper race setups.
  • Weather conditions there but weather setups not there.
  • AI just driving like F&F driver. Even I put 0 aggression they still acting like a fool, diving inside line while I’m on attacking position.
  • You guys implemented multi-class racing but forget to put settings about who is higher class and who is lower class. Slower packs still blocking the racing line.
  • Blue flag… Please put blue flag rule.
  • Pace car. If somebody hit hard, let the safety car out and pace the whole pack again.
  • Tire puncture. This is the natural thing in racing.
  • Mechanical failures. If you push hard you’ll face the coincidences.
  • Podiums.

This is all for now.

There’s a wish list thread for all this under both the FM7 and FH4 forums. Great suggestions by the way, doubt if they will implement. Both studios kinda do things their own way, I’ve come to understand.

I abandoned EA games for a good reason, hope I don’t have to do the same with their games because they have a lot of potential.

That’s it for the current version.
They need to work on and make sure the next gen version is ready and works for the new xbox.
Plus they will have already made key structural decisions on things like pitstops etc. Making posts on here wont change that.
It’s such a big lumbering machine they cant make big changes very easily. Look how little actually changed in FM7. It was just one big testing ground for things like Race regulations and drag racing, that were never finished.
In all that time they never even discussed Custom public lobbies, which a lot of people were crying out for to keep the game interesting.

This would have been a release year for a new title. Instead, they decided to hold off and work on improving the current game, trying to fix many of the bugs and glitches that have plagued it, and more importantly, testing and implementing FRR. Since it was announced that August will be the last update for the current title, it’s safe to assume they are moving on to develop the next one, most likely to coincide with the release of the new Xbox next year

And for those of you who missed it, it was mentioned in one of the streams with a dev that the cries for the CPL’s have been heard…

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In multiclass blue flag isn’t actually a thing, it’s the job of the faster driver to pass safely while the slower car maintains a more predictable driving line for safety. If you can’t pass someone in a slower car well, you need to work on your passing and plan your attacks better.

I prefer all of that stuff in a sim as well, but I hope you didn’t buy a simcade game and expect those features? It’s a bit like going to a Yoko Ono concert and then bemoaning her lack of singing ability.

Good God… I haven’t had Forza installed for almost a year now, and so maybe things have changed. I doubt it, but I suppose it’s always at least remotely possible. Either way, I can’t imagine how bad the experience would be if safety cars and yellow flags were introduced: the entire race would be under caution.