Some Drift Zones Accolades are bugged

There are Drift Zones Accolades that are bugged : The ones requiring a specific amount of point with a certain car do not work, I did them with the required cars, did well over the number of point required and they did not get validated.

  • 200 000 points in the Reservoir drift zone with the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Deberti Design Drift Truck
  • 200 000 points in the Los Campos drift zone with the 2006 Formula Drift #43 Dodge Viper SRT10
  • 100 000 points in the Precipice drift zone with the 2013 Subaru BRZ
  • 100 000 points in the Las Curvas drift zone with the 1992 Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion
  • 150 000 points in the Cara Este drift zone with the 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
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A lot of the do xyx in a specific car is broken. Not just the drift ones.

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I have the same problem, I’ve done all drift zones and went doing accolades. For me, dose 5 are bugged (also forza accepted my 100 000+ points on “200 000 points in the Los Campos drift zone with the 2006 Formula Drift #43 Dodge Viper SRT10”,idk why), and also those two misiions, aka Drift Fun and Drift Rehearsal are reseting after closing the game …

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+1 - Very frustrating as I spent a decent amount of time on a couple of these before finding this post!


I think these have the same issues as the Trailblazers and Danger Signs: the text objective is a “default” number that is pre-adjustment.
For example, a few Danger Signs accolades have “50m” or “50ft” (depending on the unit, but both just 50, you see the problem) and when you try, it’s obvious 50 m/ft isn’t enough, and you need a much longer jump. They do register, but you really have to jump a very long distance, much farther than the 3-star requirement.

Also one of the Trailblazers asking for 30s or better, when the timer starts at 35s, seems impossible, but I managed to get it with 19 seconds, so it is definitely the text that is the issue.

One thing to note, however, is I got all those above (Danger Signs + Trailblazers) while pinning that specific Accolade, so I’m not sure if it is a requirement.

I haven’t gotten to Drift Zones yet, so I’ll have to try it out, but that is my guess right now.

  1. Pin the accolade
  2. Ignore the requirement, just go for it the best you can.
  3. If you don’t pass, try to do better, with Accolade still pinned.
  4. ???
  5. Profit(?)
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Yeah I’m having that too

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Im experiencing same issues unfixed in the first or second patch. Frustrating. Constantly finding bugs. Like drift zones not accepting the accolades. Accolades being complete then resetting. This on top of the online lobbies taking up-to 50 mins to complete makes for many issues. Unfinished game, feels like a beta. Frustrated is an understatement.

Ive tried the races with the formula drift and so far the nissan one has worked, i havnt tried the others on the other hand the one with the subaru BRZ 2013 ive completed and its validated on the map but not in the distinction board…

cant figure out how to post the screen shots…

same problem for me with them, i did twice the point needed still not " passed " the accolade… maybe the text say " X drift zone " is not the righe zone to do…

It seems there is a way to tell which ones are bugged, but only if you finished all the “unspecific” accolades first. For example “Any Danger Sign with a Class ‘D’ Car” would be unspecific and thus had completed before this can be done. I only tested this with 4 drift zones to be clear.

Go to your accolades and pin one. Go to you map > Change Filter (RB) > Deactivate ‘All’ > Only activate ‘Accolades Available’ > Go Back (B) to map. If the drift zone/danger sign/story/speedtrap/etc. for your accolade does not appear on the map, then it is bugged.

If you happen to be a developer you can follow the same steps and fix the darn game :slight_smile:

Besides doint it the way ElHuhn mentioned you can also kinda see on the map which accolades are bugged and which work. Just go on the map, hover over the specifice zone/race whatever and if the unfinisched accolade shows up there its not bugged. If it doenst show its bugged. Kinda seems like every zone/race has a list of dedicated accolades and they forgott to add them to it

some speed zones are bugged as well including the TETELLI speed zone that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. i mean how is this possible.

idk from a fellow game dev prospective stuff like ‘oh its named that but it isnt in the game’ can come from renaming something during the developer stage and just forgetting to change the name everywhere it was used before. same with the missing aston martin. maybe the car was supposed to be in the game at first, then they decided it wont be but allready set it for that accolade and forgott to replace it. and from a coding perspective it seems like every time you finish a zone - whatever- it runs trough specific functions to check off PB, stars, accolades etc. So it either seems like they may forgott to add these functions to that point of code. Or in case of the functions registering themselfs to the propper zone etc. then the register would be broken. or if they check first if they are allready completed and the bool is set to true the function wouldnt be called bc it got set to true god knows where in the code. in terms of the danger signs it seems like they never defined a propper value for the <60 feet or what ever stands in these> placeholders. it can be so many thing. all of the stuff i mentions are just speculations. Idk how they structured their code. Im just doing that game dev stuff for a living and that would be stuff i would chek first if i had to debugg it lol. The main thing Im asking my self by these many broken accolades is did they ever had QA checking on these? Could have been avoided if you would have gave QA the task of checking the danger sings accolades, then the speed zones, speed traps etc. etc. but still they could have done it. and then it broke in the bulding process (which i that case i do think would be very very weird tbh) but like i said all of that above are just questions i asked my self and speculations. idk how they structured their code etc. etc.

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broken accolades are broken, i seriously see no actual benefit in achieving all of them unless one suffering from some sort of autistic disorder that does not let him sleep at night for not achieving certain objectives
i did all the important ones that supply you with cars and some of them i already had, this is just an achievement thing that i never really cared about since it was introduced on Xbox 360,tis just pointless

Just spent a while getting 200k at Los Campos in the Viper before finding this thread… lol.