Some cars like 488 GTB run into redline too much when using manusl w/shifter?

So I use a wheel (G920) with the shifter usually, in manual mode.
In this mode the game does a fairly good job of trying to ignore neutral which shifting. Well not as good as it should, it will go into redline in most cars for a fraction.

But some cars like 488 GTB run into redline too much when using manusl w/shifter? Enough to bounce off limiter at least once and is really distracting and pretty annoying.

It’s so annoying that I have to just use the paddles (which is fine, but you shouldn’t be pretty much forced to do it). I prefer to use the shifter though as it makes me feel like I have more of a connection to the wheel and its more engaging. I’d ultimately prefer a sequential shifter (forward and back) but I make do with it in H patten. I don’t use the clutch as I find it a bit much work (especially on high PI cars) and it’s a bit noisy to use in a family household.

Any idea why? Is it just poorly implemented?

I also play another game (competitor) in which moving through neutral is seamless and pretty much perfect. I am thinking that that game in manual mode must ignore neutral and not change gear until it hits the next one.

You are using a really cheap hardware and blaming the game for It… I played with a G920 for 2 years so I know how It works , I suggest to change gear faster to reduce the time of the transition in neutral gear, you cannot have a sequential shifter on that wheel, the only way to emulate sequential shifting Is using paddles.

Cheap hardware? The direct shift is from one gear to another almost instantly. If moving directly moving from 1st to 2nd or 3rd to 4th, you can’t do it any faster. It’s a direct one way movement from up to down. How can one change gear faster than that?

I’m pretty sure any shifter would register the same. And yes it is the game as some cars are drastically worst than others, and in at least one other game neutral is eliminated pretty much 100% when in manual only mode with same hardware.

Well Moofy76, I don’t know how old you are, but driving cars with manual and clutch takes a little practice to get used to.
Normally, you have to step on the clutch and let up on the accelerator and then shift into another gear.

In Forza, “Manual” trans has an automatic clutch where you only change gears without pressing a pedal or button.
When you reach the Rev point , you normally should ease up on the throttle and then shift to the next gear.
If the rev point comes too soon, you stretch-out the trans to longer gears by lowering the Final drive on Sport Trans or lengthen each gear on a Race trans.

good luck and Happy racing

Thanks for the reply. I’ve driven manuals for over 20 years so I know how they work. I don’t do manual with clutch in the game for a few reasons. 1. It’s noisier in a house to use it with other people around, 2. on higher performance cars the leg work tiring 3. I don’t think there’s is any in game benefit. Standard manual (no clutch) is as quick if not quicker.

I’m manual trans which you can use with a controller or paddles I am certain that people don’t ease up on throttle to shift into the next gear?? I have never haven’t noticed a penalty for doing so.
Do why would you need to with a shifter, the game should peri much ignore neutral in manual (no clutch) mode.

I was hoping if others had noticed this and what their take is, or maybe they just drop it and use paddles. GTS does it well, wondering why FM7 doesn’t /can’t.

Maybe the devs aren’t even aware.

The way you’re describing this is very confusing. On Forza, manual w/ clutch works like this: you press in the clutch, and shift right after (like, immediately after, you can almost press both at the same time). You don’t need to lift off the throttle, and in fact doing so is slower (unrealistic, I know, but that’s just Forza for you). I can’t imagine the input somehow being different for a wheel setup, it should work the exact same way. And manual w/ clutch is undeniably faster for almost every car in the game, the only ones that it’s not faster with are cars with sequential gearboxes (mainly race cars and a few hypercars). Revbanging during shifts while using manual w/ clutch is a normal thing on this game and you don’t lose time from it, so just ignore it. The only way you can avoid the revbanging is to lift off while shifting which, as I said before, is slower.

I’m not sure exactly what problem you’re having with it, but I hope that helps somewhat.

The way manual with clutch works in this game would wreck your transmission if you were doing it in any other game to include the original forza titles. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore so you can just mash down the gas and shift. The time difference between manual and manual with clutch for any car below class R is about .5 to 1.5 seconds depending on the track and the length of the track (more shifting and longer tracks = more loss in time). Most class R and higher cars (other than personally tuned cars of course) use a sequential gearbox so you don’t need M/W clutch because there is no benefit. The easiest way to test this is to go from class E to R to see for yourself using stock cars to see the huge difference in times between using it and not using it, This doesn’t even begin to cover other tactics like engine braking, short shifting through a corner for more tug if your build is set up to do that, etc.

These 2 videos should help you out with how it works

The engine audio handling is sloppy in FM7. Play FM4 on controller with m/c, then FM7. FM4 feels immediate and responsive, FM7 doesn’t.

So you don’t want to buy a sequential, you don’t want to use the paddles, you don’t want to use the clutch, you don’t want to let off the throttle … and its the games fault for not meeting your VERY specific needs. Seriously what is with some of the complaints people post in here, My concern is these trivial issues distracts developers from addressing important issues.

It works great on Thrustmaster TX. If i stuff up my clutch work (or don’t use it) whilst using the H Pattern, i expect there to be consequences (miss shift, damage or heaven forbid… the rev limiter is a little annoying).

A real Ferrari 488 GTB has paddles, problem solved with one very small compromise on your part.

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Like night races with invisible wheels on the player’s car, and opponent cars turning to floating bricks and changing color at a distance? That’s been happening for over 6 months? I don’t buy it.

I couldn’t help but notice your thread title - why would you want to use manual w/shifter for paddle shifting cars like the 488 to begin with?