Some bugs XBOX and PC

Some bugs that I’ve encountered on both platforms (XBOX version 1.107.5368.0 and PC version 1.107.5368.2)

  1. Old replays before the current versions listed above don’t load. The sign that the load has failed is that the driver and car disappear from the loading screen. Then when the replay should begin, the screen goes black, the music continues playing and the game hangs there. New replays work fine so I just deleted the old replays.

  2. The Subaru WRX STI VT15r Rally Car understeers like crazy on most track surfaces using normal and simulation steering. It might be set to drift through corners on a dirt road but I have to be driving super slow to get it round a typical tarmac corner.

  3. The Autocross events in the career say I’ve passed 52,822 gates out of 75 (or however many gates the track has) when I start the event. The result is that I automatically win the event regardless of my time.

  4. When trying to select a car from the Paint Car menu after first selecting a livery in the My Designs menu, the car fails to load. The view is just an empty garage. I can back out to the main menu then the new car shows up.

  5. Some driver outfits say “new” regardless of how many times I wear them.

  6. The “ghost car for 60 seconds” mod card doesn’t work. I still hit the other cars.

That’s it for now. Fantastic game as always! Having so much fun! Thanks and God bless!

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