some assistance needed please regarding multiplayer connection

Since last Friday iv not been able to connect to any hoppers. I just hangs on creating match session then times out with failed to find a match. I cant even create a private match.
Iv done countless full shut downs and unplugged the console to clear the ram but no change. All my other games work fine online battlefield4 and watchdogs . iv restarted my router , signed in and out of xbl but its just Forza I cant get to connect. The network setting on the Xbox one all say good too and iv even changed from wired connection to wireless and back but no joy.

I’m hoping someone out there has had the same problem and can point me in the right direction.

I got the same problem over here, when i’m in a private lobby and start the race i got disconnected everytime, can’t play in open lobbies also, got no problems with other games and my connection is perfect, Open NAT Type with 120mbps down and 6mbps up so there’s nothing wrong with,
I hope someone can help us pls!


Same issue here, had it since Friday at least

Same here, i can’t find any online race and i can’t create a private match

If you go thru xbox online help, you can find where to chat or call for tech support. That might help.

I managed to sort mine out by reseting my router to factory settings and everything is fine now. Strange really as i had not changed anything. Hope this helps

In the UK a BT Homehub will change the Wireless settings so that is sits on the least congested channel it has on the box, this means it can be constantly changing channels and settings within itself

To have people help it would be good to start with results like Speed tests, Ping times, setup, service provider etc

I use a netgear with wired connection so that wont apply to me. I have an 8meg talktalk connection that is pretty poor really but usually get a decent connection to the servers from day one. so im insure why this connection problem happened . I just put it down to a tech issue but the factory reset sorted all my problems out.