Some areas of cars cannot be covered with vinyl

So far every car I have tried to completely wrap in vinyl has areas that dont cover…the HQ monaro cant be covered on the nose so GTS stripes have to be improvised and the HQ sandman ute has areas on the roof edge and top edge of the rear tray that cant be covered - all i wanted was chrome tail light surrounds so i chromed the whole car and began wrapping everything else in white but those few areas remained chrome … annoying since the HQ is the reason i bought the game and i cant replicate my own cars. Cant apply vinyl below the bumper on this model either so numberplates are out… Also the A9X torana if the front bumpers are removed the area behind them remains paint colour and cannot be wrapped…seems they have it in for holdens.

So many designs require wrapping the whole car, the incentive to be creative is slowly dying.

Anyone else having the same trouble on other cars or is it just the Aussie ones that are broken?

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As a painter and a bit of an O.C.D one at that I most defo feel your pain mate. The one I always think of with this issue is the little Datsun 510, its baad and makes your BRE rep look well rough. Even more than this though I hate when your vinyl’s get stretched. Front arch’s (or fenders if your not from blighty) are at times bad for this, bumper corners too get me all riled at times and why oh why cant all bumpers be one piece as to avoid the need for joining? Which is made impossible by the affore mentioned ‘stretching’ Hey Ho, I suppose thats what artistic licence is for innit?

I’ve noticed most (if not all) of the Rocket Bunny/Liberty Walk equipped cars have little spots here and there that aren’t mapped properly. Sometimes the vinyl from the left side will show up on the right, etc. I like to do chrome “decals” by painting the car chrome and covering the negative space with vinyl but the little bald spots kinda ruin it.

The hq drives me insane all my liveries from FM6 that I have imported are all up the stuff and not sitting right and have those areas missing :frowning:

The problem is no car goes through quality inspection with decals in mind

My list of paint glitches would be quite long and I’m certain PG isn’t aware of them. I’ve said I’d make a list if I knew it was going to be looked into

But I’ve worked around them already as best I can and ironically if they were to fix them it would unfix what I’ve done.