[SOLVED] Thrustmaster 458 Spider - random jerk to left solution found

My wife bought me this wheel for my birthday, because I was enjoying car racing in Forza Horizon (4 and 5) so much. So while it is a ‘cheap’ wheel, it is still more immersive than a controller in the game. So I am determined to keep using it as much as I can, until I decide I want a more ‘professional’ wheel setup’.

However, I had problems with the car jerking to the left occasionally, especially when trying to go down long straights. This was spoiling my enjoyment and was considering upgrading earlier to a better wheel sooner than expected. But I really want to enjoy my ‘present’ as long as possible, as it was a quite an expensive present relatively - NZ$249.00, compared to the game price of NZ$59 (for reference).

So I tried tweaking the only settings I can use in-game for this wheel - Deadzones and Linearity. No other settings are available.

Firstly this wheel is an arcade wheel for an arcade game. Do not expect a simulation level experience from it.

These are the settings that worked for me.

  • Steering Standard - not Simulation to smooth out the random inputs

  • Steering Axis Dead Zone Inside = 0

  • Steering Axis Dead Zone Outside = 100

  • Steering Linearity =- 0

  • Set Wheel Sensitivity to Default - 3 flashes for FH5 and 4 flashes for FH4

I am not inclined to open such a new wheel and fix the mechanicals inside (as on some YT videos) as I just want to make it work for a year or so, until I upgrade.

I hope this helps some people who have this particular wheel for Forza Horizon 5. I suspect it may work for Forza Horizon 4 as well (see setting above) and other Forza titles.