For anyone having issues with the chapter progress for Triathlon of Racing on PC, I finally found a solution.

My chapter progress had disappeared, and after searching for a solution, I could only find the fix for Series X consoles.


Firstly, check eligible cars for the season championship events, and edit all 3 cars to be C600. I used mostly Japanese, but finished off with a French car. (You don’t have to use the same car or country to complete)

Then complete the events in this order:

  • Sky’s the Limit
  • Off Track
  • Turbo Charged

If for some reason, your progress or chapter completion is lost, change your language from English UK to English US, or vice versa, and it should fix the issue!


For context; I had this issue arise after a game crash, during paining/applying design to a vehicle, before attempting to complete chapter 4, (Side note: Turn off Ray Tracing if you’re getting this issue) and all my progress had disappeared for the weekly challenge.

I attempted to change into different countries vehicles, I tried to get Chapter 2 to complete. Nothing was working, and I couldn’t find anything to fix the issue.

In the end, I jumped into a C600 Renault Cleo, went to my property, went into settings, and changed my language. Upon the game restarting, chapters 1,2 & 3 were complete. I completed a standard cross country event, and the weekly challenge was finished!

I really hope that this helps someone else!

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My progress is also lost, so I appreciate you posting this. Are you saying that I have to get into the Cleo, then race the 3 event you listed, in order, then go to my home, change language, then complete a cross country event in the Cleo—all in that order?

Not sure what you mean when you say, “Firstly, check eligible cars for the season championship events, and edit all 3 cars to be C600.”