(SOLVED) PC: sttill starting in Lego

my Game on PC still starts in Disney, eh LegoLand despite having moved in the Castle at the beach…
Any suggestions?


Go to the Mainland and go to whatever house you own and select it as home

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Thats what I meant by: “moved in the Castle at the beach”
The map says:
“Zum Einziehen besuchen” which translates to “move her to move in” or something like that (german game).

Have you tried setting the Horizon Festival as home instead of a house/castle?

Doesn’t work. I have no option to set as homebase.
Got in and out, quit the game, restart in LEGO…

If you enter the festival and don’t get an option to set it as home then you’re stuffed.

The support could help me!
You do it inside the house, I just didn’t see it.
Topic can be closed, Thx

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Hmmmm, so you didn’t press Y once in a house. Ok.

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