(solved) Need tuning help: 1994 Honda Civic 1.5 VTI

Critical edit: I refitted the Civic with a FWD - K20A powertrain. It has a max horse power that is close behind to the previous RWD - F20C powertrain. Also, the vehicle is noticeably able to maintain a much more stable traction with the K20A without even adjusting anything in the tuning menu. I don’t need the help anymore but still thank you for even just checking.

Issue: This thing has abysmal traction during gears 1 and 2. As a result, it’s very difficult to maintain traction in corners and off the starting line.

Want: Able to be acceptably competitive against very high tier race vehicles. (Saleen, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, etc.)

General stats:
Vehicle rank - U999
Power - 628 hp
Torque - 379 lb-ft
Weight - 1,915 lbs
Front - 59%


  • Maxed out engine and power (with turbo kit), has RWD-F20C Powertrain
  • Maxed out Platform and Handling (every item’s highest quality)
  • Race Tire Compound with highest grip and responsiveness, largest tire width, largest rim size, Volk CE28N Rims
  • Forza Race kit (front bumper, rear bumper, rear wing), Bomex side skirts, J’s Racing street hood

It’s on default right now, pretty much gave up tinkering on it for until I get more info.

What I’ve done up to this point:
I’ve dabbled with every available option on the menu that I can use to tune this car. Tried making the car stiff so it compensate for bad traction but it’s still slow. Differential seems to make no difference, what irony. There is no middle ground for gearing, you either accelerate like a slug or move like a cheetah on wet ice coated with oil.

Overall, if I can’t get this Honda to be the powerhouse race car I am trying to get it to be, I am considering refitting a front-wheel drive engine and working with a horse power that this car can control. That is unless I receive help from anyone telling me how to keep this Honda stable.

I am grateful for any useful information and thank you for checking this post.