[SOLVED] Mercedes E Class "E-AT" Not Showing up in My Cars

So I Won the car after leveling up my Top Gear Story enough and i go to look for it in my autoshow and i don’t get the “New Car” Message and i checked my cars and it wasn’t there, despite the message clearly stating “Level 3 - Mercedes E 350 Unlocked” at the end screen after i completed Faster than 87.5.


EDIT: Did One more mission and it finally showed up, weird glitch but hey it doesn’t matter anymore

Have you rebooted before checking again?
Is your garage car count at the maximum limit, preventing the addition of new reward cars?

I Got the Issue Solved, I Figured out how it happened:

I Leveled up twice but the game didn’t count it as twice so it never gave me the car, i completed another mission and it finally showed up in my inventory, Thanks for the help though!