[SOLVED] FM7 - NO Sound - [Xbox One X]

Hi guys, I’ve found some topics regarding issues like that, but no one solved my problem.

My problem is:
-I start de the game, and the intro sound works fine, but after that, on game menu or playing the game I have no sound at all.

-I’ve tryied to uninstall and install the game, and the problem persists.
-I’ve changed my audio channel on Xbox menu to stereo, no success…
-I’ve tryied to plug my headset… and nothing…
-I’ve cleared the cache, and nothing
-I’ve installed many other games, and all worked fine!

-I’ve tryied to do this:
1.) Clear the persistent storage first. on the Xbox One Dashboard, please go to Settings >> Disc and Blu Ray >> Persistent Storage >> Clear Persistent Storage. Please do this step 3 times.
2.) Next, we need to clear the MAC alias.
Please go to Settings >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> Alternate MAC >> Clear Alternate MAC >> Then restart the console.

And… not worked…

Even though I can’t hear any game sound, when I got an achievement I hear the “pop up” sound normaly. In other words, all console sound are ok.

I have no clue what could it be…
Anyone can help me?

I was guessing the problem was only related about this game, because Ive tested the following games:
-Tales of borderlands, trackmania, state of decay, metro last night… and all these worked fine!

But, unfortunately when Ive tryied to run Metal Gear V, Recore, Halo 5, Farm Simulator… some odd errors happened like: game crashes in a few minutes of gameplay with black screen!
Ive RMA my Xbox One X, and now… every game is running like a charm! Including FM7 with sound! :smiley:

Sorry about bothering you with this topic, but I couldnt imagine the problem was in my Xbox (specially because I ran another 4 games and they worked well!!)

I would factory reset the Xbox and uninstall everything. Reconnecting the HDMI cable from both ends won’t hurt either. Factory reset your TV setttings too.

Thank you for your suggestion Sports GT!
Sorry about my late response, because you know, I needed to download the entire game again after factory reset! And it was 100gigs!
So, I did everything that you said, and unfortunately the audio problem persist! Ive even changed HDMI port from my tv and changed the cable! And nothing.

Is there any contact for support for this game? I didnt find it!

Here is another thing you can try:

delete my saved data from the cloud in case the glitch there.
Go to My Games & Apps folder. Highlight Forza Motorsport 7 and press the tiny button above the right thum stick. A drop down menu appears.
Select Manage Game from there. Select Saved Data. Again highlight your gamer tag there and press the tiny button on the controller above the right thumb stick. Select Delete Saved Data and then choose Delete Everywhere… If you do this, your in game progress will reset . You’ll have to start the game from the beginning/ Tier 1. Any changes to Forza audio settings should reset back to default too and hopefully your audio problems gets fixed.

Here is Turn 10’s email address in case you want to talk to them.: forzafb@microsoft.com

Best regards,

Sports GT