SOLVED: Achievement "Wait…how did you do that?"


I tried this several times and i jumpet all the time more than 335 Meters… (Mostly ~345).
So i should have the three stars achievement. But it won’t work…

“Wait…how did you do that?”
Get 3 stars on the Needle Fall Danger Sign in the Morris Minor Traveller.


Video please …

I really want to see the 446 meters with the Traveller at this danger sign.

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Probably his issue
Might be using the wrong car

lol I ment of course three hundret :smiley:
i’ve corrected it in the start post :slight_smile:

On XBox? Achievements not triggering is a somewhat regular occurrence, usually restarting the XBox and loading up Forza again will trigger it.

Note that that’s an actual reboot, not just the normal power off from holding the button on the controller.

Or just go into the console settings screen and press restart console

No, i’m playing on PC

Please submit a ticket here and attach a screen shot of the leaderboard relating to the car and distance so the team can investigate this further.


Oh my goodness … … i tryed the wrong danger sign … shame on me …
english-german translation was horrible and i didn’t pay attention to this.
I jumped the “Descent” danger sign (i dont know, if it’s called like that)…

I apologize for that and thank you all for the help.