[solved] 60fps cap? Really?

High Refreshrate monitors are really common by now. How in the world can it be that 60fps locks are still a thing?
They didnt make much sense ever on a computer, but that they’re still a thing where high refreshrate monitors are really common by now is really unbelievable.

edit: nevermind. I wasnt aware that the fps lock setting was tied to vsync on.

I had vsync on because if a game locks to 60fps instead being uncapped I have massive screentearing (much, much worse than with uncapped. With uncapped barely noticable)

Ok vsync off unlocked the fps lock option to have an unlocked option

Didnt expect the GUI to work like that. But then my thread was pointless

The game will run vsynced at your desktop refresh rate.

By now, and since 20 years ago LOL. Its just, its not all about the computer screen. To be able to use higher refresh rates, the videocard and the monitor resolution must match. Most people use 1080p these days, and thats 60Hz. In 90% of the cases.

That’s not correct, resolution and refresh rate are completely independent of each other, there is such a thing as a 1080p high refresh rate monitor running at 120Hz or higher. The only relationship is that higher resolution frames take longer to render in the GPU than lower resolution ones, so for some GPUs the resolution needs to be turned down to be able to run the higher framerate. Any midrange or higher GPU from the last few years can run most games at more than 60Hz at 1080p at medium/high settings.

With regards to vsync, all its doing is telling the game to not run faster than the monitor’s refresh rate, it can still run slower. FH4 also has a separate framerate limiter setting which allows the framerate to be locked to an integer fraction of the monitor’s refresh rate (which apparently needs to be done for physics to work correctly in FH4 if your framerate exceeds 60fps like a lot of console ports unfortunately). So technically the game does have a 60fps playable cap, there’s some weird physics glitches that can start happening above that framerate even if the visuals handle the high framerates correctly.

It runs now on 190 fps for me on everything maxed out. Engine seems well optimized.

So like said I wasnt aware about how the GUI works in this game. If you disable vsync in game options the fps limit game option allows to be set at unlocked fps, which I did and now I have said 190fps. So I’m fine now :smiley:

You do know you can have over 60fps but still keep vsync on I presume. Or maybe you have a monitor which doesn’t have screen tearing with it off, I don’t know.

There’s all sorts of weirdness with how the game works at high refresh rates with vsync on/off and variable refresh rate on/off. It’s miles better than FM7, which is just absolutely terrible on my PC, but it still has some mighty weird behaviour.

For example, with a 240hz monitor running at fixed refresh rate I might get 210fps, but if I turn variable refresh rate on, the frame rate drops to 180fps. And it can give a higher frame rate with vsync off than vsync on, even when it’s running below the monitor refresh rate.

FH4 is a big improvement on FM7, though, for all this stuff, so hopefully the next Forza game will be even better.