Soliciting FAQ topic questions

I’d like to use this thread as a temporary collection method for topics of interest to the community about How-To gameplay and other menu navigation tips. What I’m looking for here are questions like "How do I find Barn Finds? or “How do I activate Drone Mode?” or “What is the maximum number of photos I can save?”

Forza is made to play intuitively but we’d like to give you the best game experience possible, which may involve a game guide. I’ll compile your questions and topics and plan to address them with a thread or FAQ article in the future. Don’t expect answers in this thread, this is just a way to collect questions.

Feel free to post multiple questions in the same post or follow up with another question later. You’ll help me best if you keep the questions short and to the point, but feel free to add some context as to why you’re asking.

Questions not suitable for this thread:

  • Car wish lists - we have a pinned thread for that.
  • Feature wish lists - though it’s okay to ask if a feature is in the game if it’s not immediately noticeable to you.
  • Specific licensing issues (“When?”, particular brands) - but it’s okay to ask why assets don’t appear in every game.
  • Bug reports or other issues related to features not working as announced.
  • Livestreaming or business decisions
  • Topics outside the game itself

Please abide by the above to help keep the thread tidy.