Social in Online Lobbies

Is it me or has this game somehow socially engineered everyone from being “social” in online adventure sessions?

I play religiously every day and since launch have not heard 1 individual through a microphone, back in previous Horizon’s it would be non stop communication and now it’s silent…

Already made a post about this.

“Do you expect me to talk?”

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Hi , known gamertag you have here.

You are raising a very important point, despite it is kind of duplicate of–It-s-really-anti-social.aspx

No consequence ramming pushes players to keep anonymous because they know their way of playing is not respectful of others.

Possibility to mute someone on the public chat is gone, looks like public chat isn’t even available in game on PC. Personally, found myself several times launching a solo private chat to mute people with open mic doing nothing but noise.

Club thing is almost deprecated, no way to see your contribution to club’s ladder, no messaging to the club members in game …