…Which tuners in here are going to be broadcasting on Twitch then?
I’ve followed TN Eagle already but who else.

It seems like the next evolutionary stage of Tuning help! Who already is as well and I’ll get you added?

Plug: I’ll be broadcasting multi-player lobby gameplay of my first release paint and tune soon so watch out for that one it’s going to be dynamite haha

TG Wormburner

Cool, I’ll search there names on twitch

I found Raceboy77 right away, yet, not TG Wormburner. Is it under some other nomenclature and/or added add’l marks? Thx!

Thanks DUST2DEATH! Should have known to try w/o the space.


That it?

when I get the game, and learn to tune in it, possibly. not quite sure yet.

I will be as well tonight. I have to build a few more B class muscle cars if you are interested