So who still plays Forza 4?

Just wondering how many of you lot are left playing Forza 4? As multiplayer is pretty low i’m guessing everyone is on Horizon and Forza 5 but hey ho… Also how come you can’t visit the Forza 4 gallery on this website anymore? Or has it moved? Thanks guys!

Keep on winning!

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I’m still playing, when I’m not of Forza 5. I’m trying to get my tier points up.

hey m8 i try play the game playin up is it me or game

I’ve been online recently and a lot of people still play forza 4 multiplayer tbh I’m addicted to forza


theres alot of ppl still playing and new ppl starting each day ive met loads of decent ppl in the last week some new like me and lots of old timers {no offence intended lol}

No offence taken :slight_smile: Still lots of us “mature” playing Forza 4. Family funds not allowing Xbox One purchase, so still enjoying 4. Really allows us “old guys” to create and design. Have a great group of friends enjoy getting together and racing. Forza 4 still alive and kickin’ :slight_smile:


Still playing FM4, but I don’t do MP.

Well, I was anyway… up until a week back when Grid Autosport popped up on shelves. Nice change of pace.

Went back to FM4 yesterday… still seems as fresh when I first played it back in late 2011.

I will always have a soft spot for Forza!

Still racing Forza 4
Currently racing in 2 League races at Virtual Motorsports

One series has 36 racers and the other has 32 entered.
I’m probably one of the slowest racers.

Happy racing everyone!


Why is multiplayer down?

I mostly play tag in Forza. Tag sucks in 5 because they limit it to only the airfield and have no private lobbies. Horizons tag is ok, but extremely easy competition as there tends to be a lot of kids under the age of 12 that don’t know what they’re doing. 4 has better competition and better tracks, plus the private lobby system. So, yeah, I spend more time in 4 than any other Forza game. I switch over to 5 every so often to hit up ABC’s or something else, but my favorite thing is tag.

I’m still playing Forza 4 as well, multiplayer lobbies tend to be a hit or a miss on how many players will be online. As for the gallery, click on community tab at the top of the screen & it’s the last option in the drop down menu.

I’m still playing forza 4 it’s the best racing sim yet.
Also wondering, is turn 10 still gifting unicorn cars? Because I really want the top secret s15 or top secret supra or any unicorn car, because I haven’t got one :frowning:

I still play forza 4, No Xbox One, ill be in forza 4 for a LONG TIME. I Love playing the Multi-class Le Mans, and me too Liamcat, been waiting for unicorns for a while and hope they’re still rewarding them.

I am still on fm4 and pop In horizon occasionally. I mainly race in multi class ABCS lobbies and spend a lot of time racing on Fujimi and on the Ring.

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I just came back to FM4. I was on FM5 since release, but missed the Forza Lemans ( seems no one is ever there though.) I also missed the variety of P1 and P2 cars. And I decided to try and get unicorn cars since I never got one before.

Just started rebuilding my profile after it became corrupted looking to get into a series, 90s DTM or something with a season points system.

been wondoring that myself, now that i just got a new copy of the game, i wanna know if theres still some good racing to be going on.

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Our club is still running F4 for our events and monthly challeges…but we have added F5 section to our club forum…
And our event calender is full thru to november…
Don’t see club switching over completely anytime soon!
We have about 50 members and many friends and invited guest running with us on F4…

EC56…founder of Evercool Racing Team


im playing and you anyone here can add me if you like ive been working on my global rank which is now just below 1700 in the world.

i still love playing, and hope to see you guy on track soon

gametag the r0e

still racing here and looking for people to join an online league. if your interested check out our website