So wheres everyone's favorite spot

As the title says i’m curious on everyone’s favorite spots to drift. Also is there a spot you prefer to work on your tunes at?

At the moment I like drifting around the france area

I tend to work on my tunes at the dock. Cause there I can greate my own rute with long and tight corners etc. So I feel like I get the best control over my car. I tend to like drifting all over the place. All tho to drift with others I tend to be at the dock. Due to most drifters seems to be there

I like to tune at the docks or industrial area, Aerodrome is good for tuning also, and the streets of Nice always make for some good tandems

Hmm either Nice, Sisteron or Castaletto.

Been using Castaletto to tune my cars lately.

Guess i forgot to put my spot. I been messing with zona lately. How is the online community outside the forums ? ive had this since the day 1 just havent felt like jumping online yet

It’s so-so. The racing/playground lobbies are okay, but it’s harder to meet drifters as there is no longer open session free roam, can only roam with friends.

Well that puts me in quite the issue most of my friends list either haven’t joined the next gen consoles or have left forza for destiny. Oh well back on topic I did find a nice little “loop” area by one of the showdown events. oh and one more question are you guys having to mess with your gearing more on this game compared to FM5?

whats the best way to get in a drift group?

best way i found is here on the forums or maybe look through the drift teams. If you need people hit me up

My logic here is that everyone on the forums has at least 2-3 friends that drift, so if 3-4 people get together for a drift session, odds are there will be quite a few people.

That isn’t the case on X360 it seems, sadly. I’m going more toward just straight racing due to lack of serious drifters.

I drift alot of different spots and sections, especially the the castle, under the mansion in the country, a nice looping section in casteletto, others. Add me, I’ll show you a few places.

Sorry for the delay on the answers got distracted with other games as of late. Anyways I cant argue with your logic one thing I am noticing alot of gamers are becoming anti social. Not just here i was hunting for people to play with on destiny haven’t found a single person on there yet. It seems like its getting that way on a lot of games now.

Are you on 360 or the one?

The coast at Casteletto. Run it all the way up the hill and back down again. Best corners in the game IMO.