So, where is Ferrari?

Hi all,

So, I haven´t been following all the media about Forza Horizon 5 but I have seen the trailer and the confirmed car list, curiously, no Ferrari in sight, could we facing another of those stupid licensing issues like what has happen to Porsche, Toyota and VW in past games of both series?

Has any developer metioned Ferrari in some interview or something?


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I wouldn’t freak out too much just yet. The explanation could be just as simple as the fact that there is an order to which they port the cars over to the new game, and they haven’t gotten to Ferrari yet. No Ferrari’s and Alfa’s spotted yet, sure, but the Apollo Intensa Emozione has been, which gives me some confidence that Ferrari will be as well.

Not really freaking out but it´s curious to see Lamborghini, Porsche and Mclaren being showed but not single Ferrari, when an important brand is missing on the trailers and pictures it has usually meant licensing issues.

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They also haven’t shown any Toyota’s, Honda’s, VWs, or Audi’s either.

Relax friend. We’re a long way from cause for concern.

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If they did get left out I wouldn’t miss them.


Could you imagine the uproar if they left Ferrari out of FH5, it would be insane. I am a huge Ferrari fan and I’m not too worried (did notice the absence so far too, but it’s early), they added some new ones to FH4 and had 40 models, I couldn’t see them losing that, sliming down the list maybe but not excluding all together

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In the world of licensing you get that sometimes and good games a stained by the lack of an important brand sometimes, it happend with Porsche in most racing games for a good while and Forza 7 with Porsche and Toyota. I really hate that.

I was watching all trailers to check Ferrari in them.

Forza Horizon 1 : Nope
Forza Horizon 2: Nope
Forza Horizon 3 : Yes, during the trailer.
Forza Horizon 4: Only during the gameplay section of the E3 Event.

I´m still not sure but atleast is not the first time they dont show them right away.

They haven’t even begun revealing the actual car list yet. Have some patience, Ferrari will be there. Any ‘confirmed’ car lists you’re looking at are not anything official … they’re fan made lists.

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Not a single Reliant either.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

They have NEVER announced every car or even every brand before launch. This is a Forza game… It will have Ferrari.

If they do things this time like they have done in the past, they will begin revealing small portions of the car list before too long and will repeat that several times revealing more each time as we get closer to launch. And they will reveal the full car list (at least the list at launch day) before the game is released.

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Only way for Forza to not have Ferrari is somebody else announcing exclusive rights. Didnt find anything so its fine

F355 in the latest stream. Pretty much confirms Ferrari’s likelihood of appearing.