so this happened last night

I decided to try out the Forza All Star Bash Lambo in the A class lobby but it was taking a long time to find a match, so I went to A class beginners & got into a lobby there. Everything was going good till Road Atlanta short when me & a BMW had some contact going into turn 5 and the BMW ended up off track. I had no intention of making contact with the BMW as I took the tightest line I could with out going off the track but they came over & I had no where to go. Then when they caught back up they just rammed me off track at turn 10a & only hit the brakes after slamming into my car. The video below shows the two incidents from the race.
(after the race I blocked & reported them)

youtube video

That really is all that needs to happen.

Ya that was a serious overreaction to the initial contact he caused anyway by pulling back onto the track in your line and then trying to get past you from the out side on the sweeper.

Yeah, block and report. Not block, report and start a thread