So, spending a million in auction house doesn't,

Unlock the spend 1 million on a car achievement? I am rather surprised by this, and kind of saddened too…

I’m sad as well, but glad u found out before I give it a go…lol…sorry

It is what it is I suppose. Just seems weird that it didn’t count, expecially given i spent 1.1mill on one of the Horizon Edition cars. Lesson learned, but with that car i made that money back easily.

Time to go shopping at the autoshow then! Sorry about your experience!

I posted that in true achievements under that achievement and got a heap of negatives for it

Was just letting people know it doesnt count…and i get negatives


That’s pretty rotten! :worried:

@ssrdemo , for what it’s worth, you’re welcome :blush:

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That really is sad. I hate it for Verruckt, but I greatly appreciate it as I was thinking about trying to pick up a BRZ HE when I get off work for the chevo.

But I don’t have all that many credits and would’ve been really torn up… Now I know I can wait.

Thanks to you both for trying to help the rest of us!


the game is a mess right now, especially with server side things. taking a chance on the auction house is pretty risky right now lol