So many bugs

I played more than usual in this most recent season. Have all the seasonals done aside from the yet to be unlocked dailies. Actually did a bunch of Arcade to store up some Forzathon points (I don’t have all the cars yet so I still buy things from Forzathon Shop). Even completed the Vocho horizon story!

Anyways. After playing a lot, a lot of things got really annoying:

I got robbed at the auction house. I had about 16mil credits in my account. I sold a valuable car for a little over 14mil. So I should end up with a little over 30mil in my account, yes? Wrong… I ended up with just short of 28mil. What gives? Is there a major auction house tax where the game keeps a cut for itself? Or did the game bug out and short me on the sale?

The Horizon Arcade events KEEP disappearing off the map. I have to keep going to Horizon Solo and then back to Horizon Life to get events to show up like they should.

I checked the Horizon Promo tab on the main menu tab. I’ve photographed over 300 cars, but every single car is listed as ‘no photo taken’ W. T. FUDGE.

I mean sure, I can get cars and I can do races in this game, but the amount of things that don’t work right is just stunning.

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Yes, the Auction House does tax it for really no reason whatsoever, I think the excuse was to keep the auction house running, but it doesn’t exist so…

I’ve had the same issues with Horizon Arcade, as have many others. They are aware of the problem, so rest assured it’ll get fixed exactly never.
As far as the Auction House, it’s my understanding that they charge approx 15% fee, which would explain the deficit in what you expected to get vs. reality.
I’m also in agreement that there’s still plenty of bugs. Just yesterday I lost my day’s progress and went back to not being able to buy anything at the Auction House…an error message pops up that says I don’t have enough credits, even when I do, and then proceeds to take the money from my balance. Fourth time I’ve lost progress since playing this. At least this time it didn’t take either car away from me that I claimed at 25 & 40 points. It did erase plenty of tunes I had made though, as well as all races I had done in the last 24 hours.

I’ve done the Vocho story twice and both times my progress has been erased. I’ll do it one last time, but that’s all I can stand. Between the awful dialog and long load times, it’s a very unpleasant chore to repeat.


Yes. And it says so quite plainly every time you set up an auction. Not specifically how much the fee will be but that there is one. So that is the reality actually.

…is it stupid ? Yeah, imo anyway, but there it is. There’s a lot of nonsense in the game, this is just one more example, but at least it’s one that is explained and expected.

I guess I’ve never really noticed before. I’ve sold a number of cars, but primarily cheap ones where the amount of money I received didn’t matter to me much so I didn’t check to see if my balance came out as expected after the sales.

In THIS case, I was specifically counting on the full amount of the sale to help me afford a 20mil buyout for a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (I’m STILL mad that I missed out on a free copy of the car because I had the nerve to be out of town on Christmas holiday visiting family during one of the weeks of that series, making it impossible to earn enough points to earn the top series reward).

So the game is just keeping about 2.5mil of the sale ‘for reasons’. Awesome.

That sounds brutal. Which platform are you on?

I forgot my other thorn-in-the-side recurring bug. I can never claim car pass cars on the day they are released. I always have to wait until a day or two after for the game to decide to let me claim them.


Xbox One S is what I’m playing on. I’ve tried jumping through all the hoops too as far as going back to my home, exiting out, waiting for the refresh, etc. I couldn’t sleep the night before last, so I spent 2 hrs making what I believed to be the best A-Class tune in the game for the Twin Mill, and that’s gone. Only played a few minutes this morning, but I decided to at least capture a screenshot of my progress again. I don’t know why, since that isn’t anything they would fix or reconcile even IF they replied to one of my submitted tickets by doing something other than nothing, then marking it as “Solved”. Losing the NIO a few weeks ago after my seasonal progress was lost was probably my biggest gripe. I had already claimed it, upgraded it, tuned & shared the tune. Next morning, no NIO. As if this game wasn’t brutal enough to endure sometimes, lol.

Given the amount of time I have played the other Horizon games and the amount of enjoyment I have gotten from them, I am totally convinced that my lack of enthusiasm for Horizon 5 is because of all the bugs in this game. I really do not enjoy doing an event only to find out the car, (that met the stated requirements) did not work for that event, or… the event just plain can’t be achieved due to poor programming/testing.

Unfortunately the bugs you cited are just the tip of the Titanic destroying iceberg.


Ditto. QFT. It can be soul crushing at times and I really don’t get that. OK, I suppose I do sorta get it. I mean, it’s just a game, but I guess we had high expectations and they were really, really, missed.


Gotta pay them auction house taxes to pay the Goblins a living wage to run the place, otherwise they will go on strike and shut down the submarine house.

I don’t even bother with the other chores you have listed. I just photograph one car a week for the two points and move on to the next chore. Forzathon live events are boring and credits are easy to come by so getting a car I don’t have is usually no problem at all.

what car did you sell for 14 mil?!?!?!

I had a spare Italdesign Zerouno. It’s worth a lot right now. Not a big deal though, there are cars that go for 20mil.


It’s just sloppy programming. Crappy uncaring game development. Driven by marketing because they have 300,000 plus players and only a small handful of players willing to say “this or that doesn’t work”. So they just don’t care about fixing stuff.

I erased my game and tried to restart it. Just got more bugs and problems.

Anyone know when the new NFS will be released?

I’m so glad I just played this junker of a game from the cloud. As soon as NFS comes out this solo broken junk of a game if history.