So is there a way to gift to friends

The secret Santa hints you can am I missing on how? My kid plays an likes to paints would love to send her stuff

Only through the forzathon shop, even then it seems a little hit and miss to me as I wanted to send something to a particular friend and despite a number of retries - their GT didn’t come up (but some cycled through more than once).

Remember old forza you could just gift cars to your buddies I miss that…

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Not only cars, but tunes, and paints as well.

Not only in game but from this very website too, your Storefront was available here!!

Yes - I miss it as well. However like so many things in this life some people managed to abuse it to the extent it was removed for everyone.

I would back in the day paint something for a friend or just as a joke, even painted numerous requests and send it over to a friend or the requester.

Sadly those stealing paints and reselling them and sharing them between multiple accounts pretty much killed that aspect of the game. So if an individual managed to figure out how to unlock a paint job and re-sell it, they couldn’t get it out unlocked and once they were banned, problem solved it wasn’t whack a mole/ once it’s out there forget about it.

Stolen paints were indeed a thing in the 360 days

If I want to send someone something I sell it cheap in the Auction house. The other person might have to be fast to buy it though.

Aqua - we did plenty of that on FM2 as well. Back in the day the livery threads were buzzing as most people would make a list and hook up those who posted with copies of the cars. Sometimes you would enlist other players to meet you in the AH, so you could lock down the car by having them buy it, Then that person would then be able to gift the locked paint to the intended recipient. Other times you would be meeting players in the AH - not so easy with all the different time zones people were in to get the car to them.

It was still nice from time to time to be able to fulfil a request and just gift it to the person, to do with what they will. Or to paint something for a friend to say thanks for something they’d done or to take the mickey or something.

The storefront was great in many respects, it meant we no longer had to spend ages building and painting cars to do a release - you could almost spend as much time doing that as painting on FM2. Left little time for actually driving really.

One thing I think they should bring back is allowing us to set a price on our paints when we share them. This will sound greedy - o.k. sure it does sound greedy. However I can’t imagine all the one colour paints being quite as popular as they are - if the player actually had to buy them. May just make some casual players a little more choosey about what they add to there cars.

Also never been a big fan of people being able to add your paint to a car they’re selling on the AH. Just seems like a really odd decision - I mean we get nothing for the paint and anyone can add it to their car to sell in the AH?

It’s almost like they went, well one way we can solve the problem of people unlocking paints is just make them freely available from the artists. No longer much of an incentive for them to bother doing that anymore. But sadly not a massive incentive to spend hour after hour painting either. Seems a lose lose situation.

The gamers on the list changes if you back out of the gift and go back in…