So, How does multi-player work?

Trying to decide if I should buy this but need to know multi-player has changed/improved from Horizon 2. Seems like people are now in game and I Have been trying to get answers to these questions for a while now.

Do they still have the ridiculous online vote?
If I enter an online road trip (or whatever they are now called) can I play whatever class I want or will I be forced into a group with a class not of my choosing?


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I’m wondering the same thing. I like to drive slower cars (the most exciting race I ever had in FM6 was between 3 bone-stock GMC vans. I’m dead serious), but everyone invariably voted for S1 & S2 class roadtrips (or X Class drag races, over and over and over again…).

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Anybody know the answer here?

Somebody, anybody please answer! This is the only important thing I need to know whether I should get this or not.

First off, I would like to thank all in the Forza Horizon community for all of the feedback I have received here!

Actually I talked to a guy who bought it and he told me he hasn’t been on line yet but that the on line vote was intact via the perks menu.

Disappointing :frowning: I would have loved to try this game since I have played Horizon2 almost every day for almost 2 years. But I can’t imagine paying for a really bad multi-player on line experience when I already have one with Horizon2. No way I will play a game when my only on line choice is to be jammed into racing S2 cars with a bunch of idiots who can’t control them. If they only gave us a choice I would be all over this.

I haven’t raced against randoms since Forza 4 because of reasons like this. I now have a group of guys and we race a couple nights a week. And now with the fact you can blueprint and make up your own races it’s going to be so much better. I would suggest for you to find a few people that you get along with racing, get a big enough group so if people can’t make it on a certain night you still have a few people. It’s just so much more fun to chat with your buddies and do your own racing. You’re welcome to join our group. Send me your Gamertag if you’re interested we race every Monday and I’m online a couple other nights a week along with a few of the other guys