So funny

Oh boy I’m having so much fun with the BMW Isetta. Even homologated it’s pure comedy, bouncing along the straights, climbing on the backs of other cars, doing everything totally sideways. Then I pushed it to an S class car with a twin rotor. Well. once I point it in a straight line, it goes off like a rocket. Unbelievable lol. Massive wheelies everywhere. Introduce a little steering lock and go pirouetting around the map. Good times.

It’s one of my favourite cars to drive in Horizon. But it’s also more stable there. I don’t recall if I ever managed to get a tune out of it I really liked in FM6/7…

Oh I doubt it…even in its own class it’s like riding a bi-polar mule with a rod up its ass. Somehow I managed to win all the races in the micro series with the drivatars set to expert and the only assist being ABS, it was tricky but an ultra slack suspension set up and and plenty of slip in the diff made it competetive. Never mind that though, I’m glad it’s done because now I can go back to hooning around in it like the flash on crack.