so forza horizon 3 is dead but it needs to be fixed

i know its the wrong part of the forum for asking but you know who is gonna respond in the forza horizon 3 topic? anyway I have a request

I’m streaming every day forza horizon 3 my goal is 100% the game/dlc next I’m gonna buy forza horizon 4 I bought the game in 2019,there’s a big problem my progress in the base game is 97.4%
because I miss the forzathon barnfinds this slightly annoying for me, another thing why we can’t have all forzathon vehicles? put it like a gift… again the game is dead but there’s a lot of people still playing and a lot of them they want forzathon barnfinds and vehicles…personally I would like to have the ferrari 599xx.

and…no before you say you can’t buy this vehicles in the auction house, why someone would sell his forzathon car anyway?

so my request are:
Put again forzathon barnfinds for everyone for unlimited time

put forzathon cars as a gift for everyone or put it in the car dealership (with a reasonable price of course nothing crazy)

have a nice day!

You have to buy it in the right time. That’s how it works. I don’t say it’s good.

A few years ago, I had work extra shifts during the holidays because it’s a busy time of year, and I missed out on so many special sales, limited editions, etc…so unfair! They outta offer me those same deals from 2017 and give me the limited issue stuff for free today! Even the stuff from stores that’ve closed! :roll_eyes: #sarcam

And H3 is far from dead; every time I go I’m greeted with busy lobbies running the full gambit…C600 cross country, D500 playground games, and all the way up. But yes, promotion for the game ended a long time ago. You’re just going to have to settle for what is available and tangible. Life is full of disappointment and heartbreak, I know…but if missing out on limited/promotioal runs of content on some game from almost four years ago (with a follow-up to it’s follow-up already in development) is the worst thing to shatter you in life, youll survive. This is such a petty thing to worry about as the world plunges head-first and eyes-wide shut into a probable months-long nightmare. Try to keep at least SOME perspective.