So, are we going to get new cars or what?

Besides the useless car pack that MS launches every now and then…

Every single car from the backstage comes from the wheelspin apparently (i already have all of em, even many versions of the same one), and i thought those were exclusive cars, guess not.
This week, again the Apollo IE that at this point almost everybody has. Or the Rimac Concept Two, AGAIN, really, its getting ridiculous at this point.

Already have every single car from the wheelspin.

Already have every single car from the fozathon shop.

So, whats the deal? yeah, driving its fun, but getting new cars, and drive em, and tune em, etc i dont know for other people but for me its the priority point of the game.

I dont even need the forzathon shop at all, because i own every single car… twice or any other stuff. There is not even point to complete any weekly rewards, because the rewards are again, another car that everybody has or another backstage point that, again its completely pointless.

When are we going to see some REAL USEFUL changes on the forzathon shop, or useful things, instead pointless additions like the backstage?. Im amazed people still plays this game at all… lol. But i guess the ones who do it are new players, i dont have any other explanation.

Personally I have all the cars that I need until FH5 comes out.

It doesn’t appear that you have a great understanding of which cars are available through wheelspins.


Come back to me when you understand that the Apollo cannot be acquired through a wheelspin. Thanks.


And with that incredible explanation, neither do you.

Don’t ask me, I’m still a new player. :wink:


not sure if you are just trolling
thye game is over 2.5 years old
they have been adding 4 cars a series ( 4 weeks) for almost that whole too
its only the last 2 or 3 series they have reduced it to 2 per series
but you say they arent adding new ones
this week , new poogot, in winter the raecyon or whatever
but nah no new cars

pretty sure none of the cars in the backstage appear in wheelspins too
and backstage and forzathon cars are for those that missed them the first times they came around


I think the OP is trolling us. How can someone have all the cars but be so clueless and as bad as he has claimed to be in other posts.


And i think you need a brain. I didnt say i have all the cars, i said i have all the cars that you can get in-game, not the cars you can get through DLCS and such. And yes, every single car you get in the backstage, can be adquired through the wheelspin, because i HAVE ALL OF THEM. And i never EVER bought a DLC. Last week i got the Apollo again through the wheelspin. I already have three of them.

Let’s see:
Backstage cars: Horizon Backstage | Forza Wiki | Fandom

So, which of them are available through wheelspins? Exactly zero!

Come back here and complain once you have the slightest knowledge about what you are complaining.


It is sufficient to read in the car list how to acquire every cars in the game. I can assure you that Apollo IS NOT a wheelspin car

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And i can asure you that i never bought any DLC, so, how the heck did i got three Apollos? because i got them from the wheelspin. I NEVER EVER bought any apollo from the backstage or other cars that are selling now on the backstage. Sure my memory is not perfect, but what other sources are from getting cars except DLCS??? stop quoting a car list that is obviously completely wrong. Im not the only one who got many backstage cars from the wheelspin. If you guys are so patronizing that cant accept that the car “lists” are wrong, its not my problem. The point is, i have every single car from the backstage, and i only got about three from it. And none of them was the Apollo, the Rimac Two or others. So, can you explain to me where the cars come from??? . The only other source is the wheelspin. Or event rewards, but it will be the same thing.

You get cars from seasonal events, and you get cars weekly in the shop. You must know this as an experienced player. There was also a guy selling cars one year.

I’m with breeminator on this one and I’m just about to click block on OP.


Why though? They talk nonsense and always have done since they came on here, but blocking them just comes across as way too over-sensitive and touchy.

Are you for real? dude, i got most of them from wheelspins , except maybe a couple. And i dont care about links with info, obviously that info is completely wrong. Maybe you are the one who needs to actually own those cars to know what you talking about. I only got three cars from the backstage so far, because i got the rest from wheelspins. If you need to relay on a completely wrong piece of info, instead of actual experience in-game, dude, sorry but your opinion doesnt count at all. And im blocking you already.

I already sold two or three Apollos, none from wheelspin, just from doing playlists and still have two

But main thing here:

Blocked and done.

Is there a forum option to actually hide complete posts from such trolls, not just content of it?


On mobile, under name.

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x2, El Barto!

Talking down to other players is not the community environment that Forza wants.

It’s okay to move on to other games if this one isn’t satisfying. It’s okay to skip a thread without responding.