So, about the "700 cars"

Is this what we are getting in the $79.99 base version of the game, or the $129.99 version? Canadian pricing for those who are wondering.

It should be 700 from launch, so that would be any version.


Good question

I believe Canadians receive fewer cars due to the exchange rate.


We have to choose 25% of the cars we get and delete them from the garage or we get banned. It’s in the Canadian terms of service.

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And because they are so friendly and wont mind if they miss out on a few

I just hope this doesn’t become the new Gran Turismo with their statement about having the biggest lineup of Lambo, Ferrari and Porsche. GT always has far too many Skylines and other Japanese cars. I really don’t want FM7 to turn into a Super/Hypercar simulator that neglects other cars.


The only duplicates T10 tends to include are the race cars like Indycars, NASCAR, Formula E, V8 Supercars etc… where they have multiple cars with differing liveries.

For kicks and giggles I downloaded ManteoMax’s Forza 7 spreadsheet and compiled a list of all the cars that have appeared in an XBox One Forza game and then tried to remove as many duplicate, promo liveried and non-driveable cars as possible.

Whittled the list down to 715 unique cars T10 can choose from for FM7. There are probably a few duplicates I’ve missed and I’m sure there will also be cars making their XBox One debut. It’ll be interesting to see which cars make the cut for FM7.

A quick way I do this is to filter out the “livery” cars in the far right column. I use livery to mark duplicate cars to another in the roster with the same specs (usually marked as “race”). So unselecting it for that column removes both pomo liveries and the extras for Formula E etc, but for NASCAR I keep in one from each manufacturer and “livery” the rest by the same manufacturer. Unselecting “tuned” will remove production cars with upgrades like Day One, Horizon Edition, and MINE’s and Do-Luck etc.

To answer the OP question, all editions include the same base game with the same car roster (“700”). Deluxe and Ultimate editions just have more DLC cars on top of that. See the Cars List thread and Editions/DLC thread pinned at the top of the forum.