So a 5 Speed has 4 gears?

So im tuning the New Mazda for the Hotwheels pack at it says that it has a “Hewland 5-speed sequential gearbox.” Why is it that it only has 4 gears?


Simple Typo – or maybe someone just missed a note when writing it up.

See: The Series

cool thanks

James hunts mclaren m23 has 5 gears i think, irl its supposed to be 6.

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This car is so much fun it’s unreal. More grip than power, a great pointy turn-in and a really awesome balance out of the box. If only we could choose the AI cars in a private lobby so I could run a spec championship with it… please, please T10, I beg you, give us this option back. If it’s as I suspect and licensing prevents the 2013 Lotus F1 from racing against the other classic F1 cars then leave that out and explain that this is why it’s not available - there’s so much fun to be had there to let that kill off a whole world of customised races. If it’s something to do with Drivatars not being able to drive every car, on the other hand, then I can only hope it’s something that will be worked out by FM6.