I am seeing everything but Snowmen? Do they only appear in a certain season?


Another thread says check the top of the volcano… I will take a look later

Maybe it’s because they are under cover as air skills…

Top of the volcano and probably only for winter season. Other than that I’m not sure if you can add them to an event in event lab

They are around the crater lake and in amongst the rock on the steep slopes

it looks like the stages of the accolade reset so you have to do them all in one go…

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I had it reset on me because I changed to another car to do an Arcade event, but after exiting the game and coming back to it, it showed my previous progress restored.

Not my idea but it works. Go to the top of the volcano, find a snowman, switch to solo mode, hit the snowman and rewind and repeat. It works


Didn’t have to switch to solo mode, but thankfully this worked (and even more thankfully, the 25 trees/canes stuck between sessions (had to shut down and re-load the game prior to getting the snowmen), so didn’t have to re-do those either)

Just want to say thank you! :slight_smile:
And if you are hitting a rock into the snowman which breaks it, rewind, and make sure your car is the one touching it.
You can do this online / not only in solo :slight_smile:

thanks for the locales!


Just quickly get it done with this ‘cheat’ as getting it done any normal way is next to impossible

Collecting 25 snowmen would be fun if there were more than 5 snowmen to be found. I wouldn’t mind driving around a bit. Having to go back to the same spot as well as finding ways to respawn them is just bad. The rewind way is a nice way to circumvent this terrible design and still get the horn.

Thanks… pity you seem to have to do all the different parts of the accolade in the same session!!

Any place else for finding snowmen? I hit all the ones I could find around the crater, I fast traveled to another part of the map and fast traveled back, they don’t regenerate…

That’s why I quit the game and called it a day. Got better things to do for the moment like troll teh forums. Will try again tomorrow.

for me the accolade didnt unlock whatever I tried to do , but the snowmen respawn if you go to autoshow and leave after getting them

This is a little bugged right now, you don’t need to complete it in one session and you can keep using rewind to respawn everything etc. If you complete 25 of something and it goes back to 0/25 and you can’t gain anymore score, don’t worry, just quit the game and start it back up and the accolade should show the 25/25 completed for whichever one was bugged (tested twice with christmas tree and candy cane ticks and both were fixed)

There are three around the crater and two more at the houses just down from there, but you only need to find one that registers and use rewind.

Enter your house and exit and they will have respawned

This is so tedious again… Can’t they do anything without F’ing it up?

I’ve found 4 snowmen on the summit of the volcano, but they only register hits half the time. Even when they do, it hardly maters since the “mazda” accolade resets every once in a while.