sniping topic

hey guys, im still new to the forum, but can paint. i like making one off designs for people, but, i dont want the cars sniped off the auction. i have had an issue with buying cars off auction myself from someone and quite literally 5 seconds after it was bought out after me searching for it. so, i have thought of a way to stop my designs being sniped by just anyone and having the said, “customer”, keep the design.

i am not labelled a design master, or like a legendary designer, as i dont share many, if any designs, but if i make a design, name it something off wording or by number ie, the buyer can then search for my shared design, download it, apply it and then i can unshare it, and that buyer will then be the only other person besides myself who has it.

now, in order to pay for the design, the buy can simply buy a few unwanted cars off me to pay for it.

does this seem like a legitimate way around said problem?